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Netsurf Agricultural Crop Care Products Rate List

Biofit is a truly holistic range of products that efficiently promotes organic farming, sustainable production, and income and socio-economic development of the farming community.

It thereby helps in increasing the agricultural output and reducing the input cost without using harmful chemical-based products in farming.

Biofit also provides organic solutions to optimize the health and protection of livestock, pets, horses, and poultry.

Biofit expands its product portfolio to organic fish farming to ensure that we produce healthy, disease-free, and natural fish food without using antibiotics, hormones, and chemicals.

Biofit offers an environmentally sustainable solution for ‘waste decomposition‘ to nutrient-rich, odorless soil manure.

The Biofit range consists of 15 products that are categorized under Crop Care which include plant growth promoters, adjuvants, bio-pesticides, and organic weedicides; Waste Management, and Animal Care and Fish Farming.

Netsurf Adjuvants Crop Care Products Price 

Adjuvants ProductsWeightPrice
Bio 99 500500 ml₹1399
Bio 99 250250 ml₹749

Netsurf Plant Growth Promoter Products Prices

Plant Care ProductsWeightPrice
Stim Rich Concentrate250 ml₹600
Stim Rich New1 Ltr₹1695
Stim Rich500 ml₹1000
S.H.E.T1000 ml₹1200

Netsurf Bio-Pesticides Products Price 

Pesticides ProductsWeightPrice
Intact New250 ml₹1500
Wrap up New1 Ltr₹1500
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Netsurf Agricultural Products Price List PDF Free Download

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