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My father, Janakinath Bose, had migrated to Orissa in the eighties of the last century and had settled down at Cuttack as a lawyer.

There I was born on Saturday, the 23rd January 1897. My father was descended from the Boses of Mahanagar, while my mother,

Prabhabati (or rather Prabha Vati) belonged to the family of the Dutts of Hatkhola. I was the sixth son and the ninth child of my parents.

In these days of rapid communication, a night’s journey by train southwards along the eastern coast takes one from Calcutta to Cuttack and on the way, there is neither adventure nor romance.

But things were not quite the same sixty years ago. One had to go either by cart and encounter thieves and robbers on the road, or by sea and brave the wrath of the winds and the waves.

Since it was safer to trust in God than in brother man, it was more common to travel by boat.

Sea-going vessels would carry passengers up to Chandbali where transshipment would take place and from Chandbali steamers would get to Cuttack through a number of rivers and canals.

The description I used to hear from my mother since childhood of the rolling and pitching and the accompanying discomfort during the voyage would leave no desire in me to undergo such an experience.

At a time when distances were long and the journey by no means safe, my father must have had plenty of pluck to leave his village home and go far away in search of a career.

Fortune favors the brave evening civil life and, by the time I was born, my father had already made a position for himself and was almost at the top of the legal profession in his new domicile.

Though a comparatively small town with a population in the neighborhood of 20,000, Cuttack’ had an importance of its own owing to a variety of factors.

It had an unbroken tradition since the days of the early Hindu Kings of Kalinga.

It was the de facto capital of Orissa which could boast of such a famous place of pilgrimage as Puri (or Jagannath) and such glorious articles like those of Konarak, Bhuvane swears, and Udaigiri.

It was the headquarters not only for the British administration in Orissa but also for the numerous ruling chiefs in that province.

Altogether, Cuttack afforded a healthy environment for a growing child, and it had some of the virtues of both city and country life.

AuthorSubhash Chandra Bose
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Netaji’s Life And Writings Book PDF Free Download

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