Nem Raj Sunda Agriculture Book PDF

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Nem Raj Sunda Agriculture Book PDF Free Download

Nem Raj Sunda Agriculture Book

/. Agriculture- Latin word- ager' oragain meaning soil’ and cultural meaning ‘cultivation’

  1. Agronomy- Greek word- agros' meaning 'field' and nomos’ meaning ‘manage’
  2. Horticulture- Latin word- ‘hiatus’ meaning ‘garden’ and cultural meaning ‘culture or growing
  3. Pomology- Latin -Greek word- Combination of the Latin word `plenum’ meaning ‘fruit’ and the Greek word ‘logy’ or ‘logos meaning ‘discourse, treatise, or science’.
  4. Olericulture- Latin word- `Polaris’ means ‘pot herb’ and the English word ‘culture’ means ‘cultivation’
  5. Floriculture- Latin word- •
  6. Extension- Latin word- ‘ex’ meaning ‘out’ and `tension’ meaning ‘stretching’
  7. Soil Science- Latin word- `catena’ meaning ‘chain’
  8. Soil- Latin word- `so/um’ meaning “ground’
  9. Monsoon- Arabic word- `Muslim’ meaning ‘season’
  10. Biodynamics- Greek word- `bios’ meaning ‘life’ and ‘dynamics’ meaning ‘energy’
  11. Truck gardening- French word truck- ‘torque’ meaning `to barter or exchange’
  12. Nematode- Greek word-`nema’ meaning ‘thread’ and ‘told’ meaning
  13. Pedology- Greek word- `pedon’ meaning ‘soil or earth’
  14. Pedagogy- Greek word- ‘paid’ meaning ‘child’ and `agogos’ meaning ‘leader’
Language English
No. of Pages422
PDF Size12.2 MB

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Nem Raj Sunda Agriculture Book PDF Free Download

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