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Navodaya Question Paper PDF Free Download


This PDF Is Useful for Class 5, Class 6, Class 7, Class 8, Class 9, Class 10 …..

You are given a Test Booklet of 16 pages as well as an OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) Answer Sheet.

The Test Booklet contains 80 questions serially numbered from 1 to 80. Count the pages of the Test Booklet and be sure that they are in proper order.

Ensure that the Serial No. and the Code of the Test Booklet and the OMR Answer Sheet are the same.

In case of mismatch/defect/discrepancy in the Test Booklet and OMR Answer Sheet, report to your Invigilator and get the Test Booklet and OMR Answer Sheet replaced.

Answers are to be marked only in the OMR Answer Sheet as per the example given below.

Candidates are required to indicate their answers at an appropriate place on the OMR Answer Sheet Darken only one circle for each question as per instructions given on Side-1 of the OMR Answer Sheet.

For each question, there are four probable answers, out of which only one is correct. The candidate is required to select the correct answer and darken the corresponding circle of the chosen answer.

For example, if your answer for Question no. 37 is C, darken the circle C as given below.

Only Blue/Black Ballpoint Pen is to be used to write on the OMR Answer Sheet. Candidates should bring their own ballpoint pen. Use of pencil is strictly prohibited.

The test will be of two-hour duration from 11:30 a.m. to 01:30 p.m. and will have 3 sections with only objective-type questions.

Additional time of 30 minutes will be allowed for “Divyang students” (differently-abled students).

A single Test Booklet comprising all three sections will be given to each candidate There are 80 questions in all for 100 marks as per the details below.

15 minutes additional time is allowed for reading the instructions.

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Navodaya Question Paper Book PDF Free Download

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