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Minor (Child) Travel Consent

A Minor Travel Consent Form is a written authorization for a child to travel without a parent or guardian. 

This legal document is needed when a child travels for a school trip or with a group. 

It’s also needed when a minor travel with an adult that isn’t their parent or guardian. 

The document is also vital if a minor is traveling alone. 

There are 2 types of travel that a Travel Consent Form for Minors should be used: 

Domestic Travel:

Authorities at locations such as airports and bus stations might question the child. Having the letter will clear any doubts that security might have. 

International Travel:

On many occasions, a minor is required to show written permission from parents to be allowed to travel internationally.

Using the Consent Form should give them the ability to travel abroad. 

A Travel Consent Form for Minors also goes by a few different titles, such as: 

  • Minor Travel Consent Form
  • Travel Permission Letter
  • Parental Consent Form
  • Letter for Children Traveling Abroad

LawDistrict provides a Printable Child Travel Consent Form template. 

Easily create your document to give your child permission to travel without you. 

When to Use

A minor child travel consent form is used when a minor child is traveling:


With another relative or friend

With an organization or group

How old does a child have to be to travel alone?

A child must be at least 5 years old to travel without a parent or guardian.

This must be for a direct flight, with no connections.

Children 8 years and older may fly with connections and be escorted by airline personnel to their gate.

It’s recommended all minors under the age of 18 carry a travel consent form.

To write a consent letter, you need to understand the proper structure of the document.

It is essential to know how to fill out a Minor Travel Consent Form. 

We have prepared easy-to-follow instructions below.

With these steps, you can complete your valid travel permission. 

Download our Printable Child Consent Form template.   

Fill in any details of the child’s allergies or illnesses. 

Write the minor’s name, date of birth, place of birth and passport information.

Include your name, whether you are the parent or guardian. Add all custodial details and passport information. 

Fill in your contact details and any other parent or guardian that is not travelling with the minor.

Write where the child’s destination is and the period he or she will be travelling.

Sign the Minor Travel Consent Form 

Notarizing a Consent Letter for a Child to Travel

When you make your document, you might be wondering if the document is official. 

Some authorities require the letter to be notarized. 

Your child may not be able to travel or allowed into a country without the document being notarized. 

Use our template to create a Minor Travel Consent Form and get it signed by a notary before your child travels. 

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Recommended Consent Letter For Children Travel PDF Free Download

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