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मराठी नीतिसूत्रे – Marathi Proverbs PDF Free Download

Collected And Translated Marathi Proverbs

As far as I am aware no English translation of Marathi Proverbs has been published hitherto; nor is there any complete list to be found in the vernacular.

The only excuse which can be offered for the issue of this work is the importance of preserving as far as possible all proverbial expressions,

which depict the thought and character of the people before they pass out of use altogether; for although they are well known to the elders of the present generation, they will probably be less known, less loved, and less used by the coming race,

with its Anglicised education and its modern literature.

This collection does not pretend to contain all the Marathi sayings to be heard in Western India, but it is believed to include a majority of those which are worth preserving.

Many which did not seem to deserve the title of proverb have been omitted; those of a coarse nature, the translation of which would offend the taste of English readers, have been excluded,

for no good purpose would be served by making them more generally known or by helping to prolong their existence; but those which are given have been gleaned from any source which offered,

1 चंगापेचां बोंगा मोठा (Angāpekṣā bongā moṭhā)

The protuberance is larger than the body. Something out of proportion, e.g. a load larger than the man who carries it. Bonga is used of the inner part of an ear of Indian corn.

2 चंवळा देऊन कोव्हाळा काढणार (Avala deūna kovhālā kāḍhaṇāra)

To give a myrobalan and to receive a vegetable marrow.

To obtain much in return for little.

The myrobalan is Phyllanthus Emblica: the kovhala is a gourd, Cucurbita pepo. Sometimes Bel fruit is quoted instead of kovhālā.

अंवळा पिकायाचा नाहीं समुद्र मुकायाचा नाहीं (Avalā pikāyātsā nāhī samudra sukāyātsā nāhī)

The myrobalan never ripens, the sea never dries. Impossibilities never come to pass.

13 कोंकणांत नारळ फुकट मिळतात Konkaṇānta nārala phukaṭa milatāta

Cocoa-nuts can be had for nothing in the Konkan! This must be understood as said by a person living in the Deccan where cocoa nuts are dear.

Because things are cheap in one place they are not necessarily so in another.

14 खंडीमध्यें पाव रती Khandimadhye pāva rati

An ounce short in a cart-load. Why trouble about so trivial a matter?

15 खंडोस दहा मणाचें भोळें Khandīsa dahā maṇātse bhole

Ten hundredweights’ mismeasurement in a ton. Any serious blunder. A khandi is twenty maunds, or 1280 seers.

16 चिंबचळें शेतचें आणि थोटें पांगळं पोटचें Cimbacale setatse ani thote pāngale potatse

Sweepings but from our own field, halt and lame but our own child. Both are valued because our own.

17 बसा माल तसें मोब Zasā māla tase mola

As the article so the price.

18 जळत घर भाड्यानें व जुने बोंधळे काढ्यानें घेऊ नये Zalata ghara bhädyāne va zune zondhale kadhyāne gheu naye

Do not hire a burning house and do not take old zondhale with a promise to pay back in kind.

It is usual to pay back one and a quarter or one and a half measure for every measure borrowed. To pay new grain for old in this way would be foolish.

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मराठी नीतिसूत्रे – Marathi proverbs Pdf Free Download

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