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Knee Ability Zero Program Book PDF Free Download


Find a wall and make sure you have safe footing (no socks or slippery floor). Put your butt against the wall, and stand out a comfortable distance, with your legs straight:

Now, without letting your knees bend, flex your toes up and hold the top position for 2 seconds before lowering back down:


This is the beauty of Knee Ability: it is a program of pain-free ability, where our goal is never a win/lose situation, but rather degrees of winning only. Let’s look at why that is


You use your tibialis with each step you take:

You see, coming from such weak knees, and then building up the strength of my knees so much, I was able to generate far more strength in my lower leg muscles than I ever had in my entire life.

By reverse engineering the condition, I soon realized that the tibialis was the missing link in my regimen, and I was overjoyed when I discovered that by replacing this muscle, my knees took themselves to the next level of capability!

For example, before the Tibialis Raise, I had gained the ability to sting, but only if I jumped over two feet. When I took a one-foot jump, I was nowhere near reaching the height and was prone to pain in my feet, calves, and knees, which kept me from trying.

Shortly after making tibialis raises a standard part of knee strength, I was easily sinking one leg. All these pains in the lower limbs have disappeared and never come back.

If you look at your body logically, tibialis raises are the first place to start, no matter what physical problems you may have.

Final Tip: Make sure you realize that the heel height of your shoes affects the difficulty of the exercise: The higher the heel, the harder it is, and the lower the heel, the easier it is.


The flexor hallucis longus is a powerful muscle that runs from your big toe to your middle shin. It helps stabilize your ankle when the weight falls on the ball of your foot, and it’s especially important when the force passes through your big toe.

Hallucis is a Latin word meaning “big toe,” so flexor hallucis longus simply means “a long muscle that flexes your big toe.”

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Knee Ability Zero Program Book PDF Free Download

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