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It had been 10 years since Hiccup took over the Dragon Kingdom of the North and so far, it was a fair success.

His allies were thankful for being on his good side and his enemies could only glare as they could no longer find his Islands. The only way to get to them was on the back of dragons.

The mist around all his islands were full of patrols plus the sharp sea stacks he had the Gronkles make made maneuvering ships to nearly impossible.

That didn’t stop some idiot Viking tribes. They thought it was well worth the journey for glory and honor. The casualty rates though barely showed that the Vikings tried for the Kingdom of Ash though.

However the casualty rate on the other side looked like they were massacred. How they even were able to keep up with these raids was beyond Toothless. It shouldn’t have been possible.

Yet they still managed the attempted attacks over, and over, and OVER. It was truly quite annoying in Toothless opinion. Hiccup was still gearing up all the dragons and all his soldiers.

He himself had spent many a night with Hiccup working on the armor for all their fighters.

Contraptions were being mounted on larger dragons for protection and added airpower, the armor was created at an alarming rate and the soldiers were being trained in many fashions as fighting masters poured into the area for the war that was raging” in the Vikings minds.

In truth though, it had barely even begun. The true fight would happen when Hiccup ordered the first attack of his new kingdom. Toothless could only scuff at the word attack in.

WriterSarah J. Maas
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Kingdom of Ash Book Pdf Free Download

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