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Juki Sewing Machine Price List PDF Free Download

Juki Sewing Machine Price List

Juki Sewing Machine Price List

JUKI has been playing an active part in society as a provider of products to manufacturers of all kinds, from the makers of fashion products such as clothes, shoes, and bags to the specialists in high-technology industrial goods equipped with precise boards.

JUKI will bring color and abundance to tomorrow as a corporate network of professionals who support lives.

Juki Corporation is a Japanese company headquartered in Tokyo that manufactures industrial sewing machines. Established in 1938.

Juki is one of the world’s leading industrial machine manufacturers with a full range of sewing products from home sewing to industrial sewing.

Some popular Juki home sewing machine models include MO-1000, MO-114D, TL-2000QI, and HZL-F600.

Juki industrial sewing machines are used in factories and workplaces for tasks such as garment manufacturing, quilting, embroidery, shoe making, and packaging. Some models are LU-1508N, LBH-1790, LK-1900BN.

Features of Juki machines include precise stitching quality, ease of operation, reliability, consistent performance, low noise, etc.

They use advanced technologies like Intelligent Feeding Mechanisms, Box Feed Technology, and Needle Thread Active Tension Mechanism in their machines.

Special application machines are made for sewing operations like buttonholing, pocket welting, thread trimming. Widely used in readymade garments, leather products, bags, and automobile interior fields that require continuous high-speed sewing.

In short, Juki is a leading sewing machine manufacturer known for meeting the needs of home sewing craftsmen with advanced sewing technology and equipment as well as industrial sewing floors for sewing and embroidery. Juki machines are versatile, efficient, and durable.

Juki Sewing Machine Japan Rate List 2023

Juki Sewing Machine ModelsPrice
Juki Zl-357z Electric Sewing MachineRs. 18,000
Juki Hzl-29z Electric Sewing MachineRs. 14150
Juki Hzl-k85 Computer-Controlled Household MachineRs. 37500
Juki DDL 900B Lockstitch MachineRs. 49000
Juki DDL 8700Rs. 14500
Juki DDL-9000C-FDS Sewing MachineRs. 92500
Juki Lbh 780 1- Needle Lockstitch Buttonholing MachineRs. 75000
Juki MB 137Rs. 55000
Juki Overlock MachineRs. 61000
Juki MO 6800S Overlock Sewing MachineRs. 59500
Juki 8100 ERs. 28000
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Juki Sewing Machine Price List PDF Free Download

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