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All Types Of Insurance Company List

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RankNAIC #CompanyPremium $Market
Share %
170670BCBSTX, A Division of Health Care Service Corporation$ 12,067,425,34324.45
279413United Healthcare Insurance Company5,999,413,57512.16
373288Humana Insurance Company5,507,460,64311.16
471013Superior Healthplan Network2,435,298,6604.94
560054Aetna Life Insurance Company2,208,053,5124.47
612558Care Improvement Plus of Texas Insurance Company2,194,422,5334.45
780799Celtic Insurance Company2,071,327,1194.20
867369Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company1,715,280,0953.48
914078Amerigroup Insurance Company1,243,726,1592.52
1078700Aetna Health and Life Insurance Company815,389,4631.65
1165978Metropolitan Life Insurance Company766,662,3131.55
1271420Sierra Health and Life Insurance Company, Inc.637,035,0241.29
1312307Dentaquest USA Insurance Company, Inc.622,569,8861.26
1414063MCNA Insurance Company544,455,6041.10
1560380American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus349,488,4050.71
1682406All Savers Insurance Company340,697,0790.69
1715777Oscar Insurance Company329,674,2470.67
1864246The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America311,743,9610.63
1912567Care Improvement Plus South Central Insurance Company296,496,8070.60
2062235Unum Life Insurance Company of America294,213,9150.60
2165498Life Insurance Company of North America263,001,1740.53
2279480Harken Health Insurance Company254,204,0820.52
2380802Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada245,805,4370.50
2478611HCSC Insurance Services Company232,781,8820.47
2570815Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company218,646,3170.44
2660219Humana Insurance Company of Kentucky193,462,4540.39
2769868United of Omaha Life Insurance Company191,211,0700.39
2862286Golden Rule Insurance Company181,023,6720.37
2961271Principal Life Insurance Company178,083,5720.36
3039616Vision Service Plan Insurance Company177,568,0310.36
3110155Wellcare Prescription Insurance, Inc.171,817,5110.35
3281396Delta Dental Insurance Company168,563,4320.34
3361301Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation167,678,8670.34
3462324Freedom Life Insurance Company of America165,944,4270.34
3568241The Prudential Insurance Company of America147,752,7930.30
3665676The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company147,010,4840.30
3765315Lincoln Life Assurance Company of Boston142,307,5770.29
3870025Genworth Life Insurance Company136,661,0990.28
3967105Reliastar Life Insurance Company133,243,0850.27
4012575Silverscript Insurance Company130,622,8880.26
Top 40 total$ 44,398,224,19789.97
All other accident and health companies4,947,787,45910.03
Total$ 49,346,011,656100.00

General Life Insurance Companies

RankNAIC #CompanyPremium $Market
Share %
160488American General Life Insurance Company$ 2,881,969,81410.91
265935Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company1,172,258,8784.44
365056Jackson National Life Insurance Company1,157,026,9134.38
465676The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company1,155,745,2824.37
586509Voya Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company957,432,0423.62
665838John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.)926,107,2473.51
791596New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation891,681,3773.38
890611Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America833,323,0333.15
962944Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company815,047,7883.09
1061271Principal Life Insurance Company689,052,8602.61
1161689Athene Annuity and Life Company618,932,0932.34
1266915New York Life Insurance Company563,893,0632.13
1387726Brighthouse Life Insurance Company526,154,3541.99
1466044Midland National Life Insurance Company519,317,3271.97
1570238The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company507,201,8811.92
1668675Security Benefit Life Insurance Company491,572,9341.86
1769345Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America455,356,0301.72
1866869Nationwide Life Insurance Company449,271,2421.70
1967466Pacific Life Insurance Company448,743,5431.70
2097136Metropolitan Tower Life Insurance Company370,359,4441.40
2163274Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company367,219,1761.39
2286231Transamerica Life Insurance Company351,517,4061.33
23 College Retirement Equities Fund349,596,1301.32
2460895American United Life Insurance Company347,694,0631.32
2591642Forethought Life Insurance Company345,277,3251.31
2669019Standard Insurance Company322,477,4711.22
2768322Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company321,934,1431.22
2894250Banner Life Insurance Company312,170,2051.18
2968241The Prudential Insurance Company of America310,825,7911.18
3065528Life Insurance Company of The Southwest303,646,6131.15
3165005Riversource Life Insurance Company256,658,1260.97
3262952Silac Insurance Company238,367,4330.90
3366168Minnesota Life Insurance Company235,477,6520.89
3470688Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company235,420,1210.89
3592622Western-Southern Life Assurance Company228,183,2000.86
3693629Prudential Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company208,955,3980.79
3769663USAA Life Insurance Company202,409,2070.77
3868136Protective Life Insurance Company188,382,5800.71
3988072Talcott Resolution Life Insurance Company182,750,4310.69
4068608Symetra Life Insurance Company180,233,3020.68
Top 40 total | Annuities$ 21,919,642,91882.97%
All other annuity companies4,498,636,33517.03
Total | Annuities$ 26,418,279,253100.00

Health And Casualties Insurance Companies

RankNAIC #CompanyPremium $Market
Share %
195314Amerigroup Texas, Inc.$ 5,448,003,61612.25
295647Superior Healthplan, Inc.5,147,271,27011.57
395174United Healthcare Benefits of Texas, Inc.4,765,423,61210.71
470670BCBSTX, A Division of Health Care Service Corporation3,386,726,1337.61
511141UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Texas, LLC3,136,020,0667.05
610757Molina Healthcare of Texas, Inc.3,135,132,6367.05
712902Healthspring Life & Health Insurance Company, Inc.2,887,350,7876.49
895158CHA HMO, Inc.2,069,107,7994.65
995329Texas Children’s Health Plan, Inc.2,002,061,6524.50
1011494Physicians Health Choice of Texas, LLC1,505,197,9723.38
1116133Community Health Choice Texas, Inc.1,230,898,7882.77
1210096Selectcare of Texas, Inc.892,831,8382.01
1395809Driscoll Children’s Health Plan785,859,0331.77
1495615Community Health Choice, Inc.705,566,6701.59
1595414Parkland Community Health Plan, Inc.679,111,2301.53
1695822Cook Children’s Health Plan659,148,9651.48
1795248Community First Health Plans, Inc.641,112,9431.44
1895099Scott And White Health Plan612,800,5731.38
1995024Humana Health Plan of Texas, Inc.536,236,0871.21
2095040Aetna Better Health of Texas Inc.501,066,6791.13
2112827KS Plan Administrators, LLC498,825,9991.12
2295138SHA, LLC462,107,8141.04
2312964Wellcare of Texas, Inc.452,740,5071.02
2495490Aetna Health Inc.427,519,6400.96
2516426Scott & White Care Plans312,479,7250.70
2652635El Paso First Health Plans, Inc.236,544,0800.53
2795765UnitedHealthcare of Texas, Inc.211,218,2100.47
2815485Children’s Medical Center Health Plan185,479,1330.42
2914154Christus Health Plan168,449,4480.38
3014151Sendero Health Plans, Inc.88,449,6270.20
3195240Seton Health Plan, Inc.73,362,9750.16
3216487Devoted Health Plan of Texas, Inc.69,989,7480.16
3395383Cigna Healthcare of Texas, Inc.68,560,1410.15
3415489Memorial Hermann Health Plan, Inc.55,315,8950.12
3529718GHS Insurance Company50,499,2060.11
3613151Care N’ Care Insurance Company, Inc.45,026,7810.10
3795163Alpha Dental Programs, Inc.36,420,8710.08
3895037Cigna Dental Health of Texas, Inc.34,061,6310.08
3916552Texas Independence Health Plan, Inc.33,892,7180.08
4015912Superior Healthplan Community Solutions, Inc.29,745,9720.00
Top 40 total$ 44,267,618,47099.45
All other HMO companies213,333,0400.55
Total$ 44,480,951,510100.00
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List of Insurance Companies In Texas PDF Free Download

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