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The Fire Upon The Altar

As far back as our history goes we find that fire has played an important part in the religious ceremonial of the human race.

In practically every religion we find the sacred altar fires, which were guarded by the priests and vestals with greater care than their own lives.

In the Bible, we find many references made to the sacred fires which were used as one form of devotion by the ancient Israelites.

The Altar of Burnt Offerings is as old as the human race and dates from the time when the first man, lifting himself out of the mists of ancient Lemuria, first saw the sun, the great Fire Spirit of the universe.

Among the followers of Zoroaster, the Persian Initiate, fire has been used for centuries in honor of the great Fire God, Ormuzd, who is said by them to have created the universe.

There are two paths or divisions of humanity whose history is closely related to that of the Wisdom Teachings.

They embody the doctrines of fire and water, the two opposites of nature.

Those who follow the path of faith or the heart, use water and are known as the Sons of Seth, while those who follow the path of the mind and action are the Children of Cain, who was the son of Samael, the Spirit of Fire.

Today we find the latter among the alchemists, the hermetic philosophers, the Rosicrucians, and the Freemasons.

It is well for us to understand that we ourselves are the cube altar upon which and in which burns the altar fire.

For many centuries the Initiate of fire has been nourishing and guarding the Spiritual Flame within himself, as the ancient priests watched day and night the altar fires of Vesta’s temple.

The ever-burning lamp of the alchemist, which has burned thousands of years without fuel in the catacombs of Rome, is but a symbol of this same spiritual fire within himself.

In the picture, we see the ever-burning lamp which was carried by the Initiate in his wandering. It represents the spinal column of man, at the top of which is flickering a little blue and red flame.

As the lamp of the ancients was fed and kept burning by the purest of olive oil, so man is transmitting within himself and cleansing in the laver of purification the life essences.

Which, when turned upward, provide fuel for the ever-burning lamp within himself.

Upon the altars of the ancients were offered sacrifices to their gods. The ancient Hierophant offered up sacrifices of spices and incense.

The Masonic brother of today still has among his symbols the incense burner or censer, but few of the brothers recognize themselves in this symbol.

The ancients symbolized such things as this the development of the individual, and as the tiny spark burning among the incense cubes slowly consumes all.

So the Spiritual Flame within the student is slowly burning away and transmuting the base metals and properties within himself, and offering up the essence thereof as the smoke upon the altar of Divinity.

It is said that King Solomon, when he completed his temple, offered bulls as a sacrifice to the Lord, by burning them upon the temple altar.

Those who believe in a harmless life wonder why so many references are made in the Bible to animal sacrifice.

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The Initiates of The Flame Book PDF Free Download

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