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South Indian Gold Jewellry Designs Catalogue Book PDF Free Download

Gold Jewellery Catalogue

Love of beauty and adornment is inherent in nature in man and God alike. To an agnostic, it is there in the scheme of the whole universe.

Spiritual concepts of beauty have been intimately related with the physical and formal concepts in history and aesthetic symbols have a deep-rooted origin in the beauty of the actuality and substance alike.

In the case of the body, the charm of glitter and color added to the element of order is a characteristic of beauty. Xenophon, the Stoics, and Cicero all uphold this concept.

Adornment of form becomes necessary for the beautification of spirit and the love of jewelry becomes inherent in all mankind, nay in all living universe.

The subjectivity of the beautiful is not merely a fact, but a law. It is the predicate of an aesthetic judgment.

Beauty is not only an absolute concept as the Greeks assert but a relative concept as well, as the Hindi art and philosophy prove it to be.

It must be manifest and evident to the senses and the intelligence. Jewellery becomes naturally aid to beauty.

Nature adorns its creations with jewellery to work its laws. In its scheme of things, however, it is the male who needs to be made attractive.

Amongst the birds and in the flowers showing pair fertilization, it is always the male which is more attractive. In human beings, primitive societies show nearness to nature.

Amongst the Chacos, the Red-Indians, it is the male who decked himself more profusely with ornaments, paints, and feathers.

It is only amongst those people who have shown traces of somewhat advanced civilization, living and thinking, that the order is reversed.

The woman has, under the stress of social circumstances, tried to overcome her modesty, by making her ornaments and manners speak for her and beckon the man.

First copper and iron, ivory and agate, later gold and silver, and gems became the medium of adornment.

Religion and superstition played an important part in attributing additional qualities to these substances, and these metals and gems became symbolical of archaic beliefs and magical efficacy.

The fabulous wish-granting gem became a means of procuring long life and immortality.

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South Indian Gold Jewellry Designs Catalogue Book PDF Free Download

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