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ON Austrian Alps. We needed. a rest. August 15th, 1939, I arrived with my wife at It had been a particularly worrying and strenuous year.

It has been said that I went to Gastein to prepare for my escape from Germany. This is untrue.

In fact, I had left Germany early that August to visit the Zürich exhibition. Had I wanted to escape I could have remained in Switzerland then.

But I did not believe that war would come. The German generals were against it. Moreover, I had been told of statements made by one of Hermann Goering’s intimate friends.

Gauleiter Terboven of Essen, from which it appeared that all this was purely and simply a diplomatic game and that no one in office dreamed of embarking upon an armed adventure.

Terboven’s remarks most certainly reflected Goering’s own opinion.

At the beginning of August Goering was opposed to war; his subsequent change of mind came only at the eleventh hour. I was therefore quite reassured when I left for Gastein.

On August 23rd I received the surprising news of Hitler’s pact with Stalin. Negotiations had been proceeding for a long time, but I never imagined that they would go so far.

Without this agreement with Russia, Hitler could never have embarked upon the Polish campaign.

He had been definitely warned by the French and British ambassadors that their countries would not tolerate aggression against Poland.

Our ambassador in Paris, Count Wilczek, had solemnly informed his government on several occasions that a German attack on Poland would be the signal for a general outbreak of war.

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I Paid Hitler Book PDF Free Download

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