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Huang Ti Nei Ching Su Wen Book PDF Free Download

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic Of Internal Medicine

Although since earliest times heaven has been venerated as the supreme power, it was never credited with having created the world.

Mythology has no place in the Chinese concept of creation; instead, the Chinese have groped towards a more scientific explanation of the cosmogony.

According to Professor Alfred Forke, Lich-tze, the oldest author who proposes a theory of creation, “…starts from chaos, in which the three primary elements of the universe-force, form, and substance-were still undivided.

This first stage is followed by a second, the great inception, when force becomes separated, then by a third, the great beginning, when the form appears, and a fourth, the great homogeneity.

When the substance becomes visible. Then the light and pure substances rise above and form heaven, the heavier and coarser sink down and produce the earth.”

This concept of the division of substance into a lighter and a heavier part is one of the many forms which express the origin of the Chinese belief in a dual power.

Even though the idea of the. chaos the first stage of the creation of the world-was later replaced by the Great Void, the Absolute, and then by the Great Unity or the Monad.

The dual power that arose from the primary state was held to be the instigator of all change, for change was viewed as an expression of duality, as an emergence of a second out of a first state.

The two components of the dual power were designated as Yin and Yang.

The two characters which stand for Yin and Yang have received a vast variety of interpretations, but by analyzing the ideographs themselves the original and basic meaning of the characters can be ascertained.

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Huang Ti Nei Ching Su Wen Book PDF Free Download

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