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How To Create A CPN And Tradelines PDF Free Download

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Step By Step Guide To Creating A CPN

A CPN(Credit Protection Number) is a nine-digit number that’s formatted just like a Social Security number (SSN).

Truly speaking, there is no legal way to obtain a CPN. Because the CPN is not issued by any official government institution. So, the only way to obtain a CPN is to purchase a stolen or social security number.

CPN is used to apply for credit; credit cards, personal loans, corporate loans, student, automobile, and home loans.

Hello dear friends, creating a perfect CPN is very complex and it may take up to 2 years.

This tutorial guide will help you understand how to perform the CPN procedure correctly for the highest results.

There is no law currently in effect that prohibits you from creating and using a credit profile number/secondary credit number for identity protection purposes.

If you have any debt using the CPN number then You are 100% responsible for all.

Limitations Of CPN Number

  • This number does not help you to file taxes.
  • You can’t use this number to apply for government assistance.
  • You can not use this number to purchase a home with a federally insured loan.
  • You can’t register a motor vehicle by this number.

The Process To Generate CPN Number:

Step 1: First select your number.

For picking the number, it is best to Visit:

This website will provide you with data regarding the generation of SSNs.

Using this website will help you check whether the number you have chosen matches your state and whether someone else is using the same number.

Step 2: You will find out about your number’s status. 

Once on the site use the first section to generate the first 3 digits of your number. You use the second drop-down menu “Issued in” to select your state.

This will give you a range of numbers which we will carry on to the next step. For this example, I will be using North Dakota as the requested state. So my first prefix range is 401 to 402.

Step 3: In the Second section of the website you will need to generate the second prefix of numbers.

My first prefix will be 401. You will choose(As per your location) 401 in the drop-down menu “SSN Starting with”.

Now we will pick the second prefix. Start by choosing a two-digit prefix on the right side of your first prefix.

Until you get the result “Not Issued” Our number is 65. So now we have a partial CPN 401-78-XXXX.

Step 4: In this step, you will complete the CPN number. Please note down your number.

Step 5: Visit:

Here you need to type your partial CPN number.

Just randomly select any four numbers. For example, if you choose 3892, your CPN Number will be 402-65-3892. 

Step 6: Verify Your Generated CPN Number

Enter the final four digits and hit the button to check the availability of the number.  

Once verified, you will successfully generate a complete CPN number.

After CPN Generated

After successful CPN generation, you have to add the address. Be sure to use an address where you have never received mail or had a bill in your name. Do not repeat the address again and again.

Always choose an address that is close to your address but not too close, and make sure you can easily pick up mail from there.

After that, you need to add a phone number to your CPN.

Now you will need an email address. Unlike the previous 2 steps, this cannot be linked to you.

Now you will be writing some very important information. You will write your annual income, time at address, type of job, time on the job, and some other details. Please use only the specific categories provided by us.

Annual income must be up to $90,000 and your time at your current address is 3 years 8 months, your job type = self-employed or supplied employer’s name and address. Your time on the job is 3 years and 8 months.

What Is the CPN Number?

CPN is a 9-digit number that is usually used in place of your Social Security Number (SSN). A CPN is referred to as a credit Profile number. It is used to obtain credit instead of a social security number in challenging situations.

What is the importance of CPN?

The CPN number protects personal details and keeps them private. It is used primarily by government officials, celebrities, and people who have incurred debt linked with their social security numbers on their credit cards

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How To Create A CPN Step By Step PDF Free Download

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