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Hindi Grammar Book PDF Free Download

Hindi Grammar Book PDF Free Download



  1. Hindi, Urdu, Hindustani,

These three names are used very loosely by many writers and speakers, and possibly no definitions are possible which will compel general acceptance.

It might be wise to discard the use of the word Hindustani as applied to literature and confine its application to the

language so widely spoken throughout India and employed in the ordinary affairs of business and social life.

Most of the words included in the vocabulary of this lingua franca are common to both Hindi and Urdu.

Hindustani might, with some measure of fitness, be used of one class of literature affected by certain writers

who employ a vocabulary which is largely Urdu, but have the works printed in the Nigari character.

Hindi may stand for those forms of the language which are the outcome of the languages which the early Aryan settlers brought with them,

combined with, and affected by, the languages of Madhya-desh or Mid-India. It would seem that from the commingling

Of these came into being various so-called Prakrits (and Sanskrit). From the former of these were evolved what Sir George Grierson terms the Apabranshas (i.c., fallen or corrupted).

Prakrit may be taken to mean “natural” or “colloquial” as contrasted with Sanskrit which is the polished language burnished up for liter ary purposes.

The Apabranshas were later modifica tions of the Prakrits, and from these came the various forms of Hindi current since, say, about the twelfth century.

Urdu may be appropriately used of the language in which the verbs and many other words are common to both Urdu and Hindi,

but are supplemented by a considerable vocabulary of Persian or Arabic origin Urdu is generally printed in the Persian character,

but quite a considerable literature has grown up, largely used by the Christian communities, which is printed in the Roman character.

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Hindi Grammar Book PDF Free Download

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