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About Company

The company’s origins date back to 1888 when Karl Hettich began making the new clock component he had invented. By 1930, his descendants had diversified into furniture fittings, setting up production in East Westphalia – a center of the German furniture industry.

Today, Hettich, still family-owned, has become an industry leader with a worldwide reputation.
One of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-quality furniture fittings, with over 6,700 employees in more than 100 countries. The company’s success has been built on four enduring values: quality, innovation, close cooperation with customers, and absolute reliability.


Hettich products stand for high quality. Once assembled, our fittings function perfectly day in, day out. High-quality products and processes confirm our sense of value, our self-confidence, and our image. The way to the quality goal for each one is to cultivate an intense quality awareness.


The right balance of continuity and innovation generates trust in the Hettich brand. We offer timely, high-value solutions for today’s furniture; at the same time, we identify and shape the trends of tomorrow. We review and improve existing solutions ready for the future. Driving innovation is our capacity for looking at things from new angles.

Closeness to customers

For us, closeness to customers implies sharpened awareness, attention to detail, a grasp of complex challenges, and efficiency in production and logistics. We know our customers. We’re there when our customers need us! The keynote of our partnership with our customers is direct, person-to-person communication.


Quality, innovation, closeness to customers – they’re nothing without reliability! Reliability encompasses the durability of our products and the reliability of Hettich people – each and every one of us. The solid basis for reliability is robust and stable processes.

T42 for 14-25 mm thick doors; Opening angle 95° Rs.94

Base 12.5 (Crank 0°) with Mounting Plate (D 1.5 mm) Rs. 99

Base 5 (Crank 9.5°) with Mounting Plate (D 1.5 mm) Rs. 104

Base -1.5 (Crank 16°) with Mounting Plate (D 1.5 mm)

Base 12.5 (Crank 0°) with Mounting Plate (D 1.5 mm)

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Hettich India Price List 2023 PDF Free Download

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