Happy Health India Product Rate List 2024 PDF

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Happy Health India Product Rate List PDF Free Download

Happy Health India Product Rate List

Happy Health India Product Rate List

To be successful in the concept, we need to understand the concept deeply and implement the same merely by changing our purchasing habits and availing of services available in the company.

The company is working/running in a very big way in the market through e-commerce services.

The business associates would be provided with innumerable products to choose from the product list to be listed under the head ‘Product List’ and they can place orders from the available balance in their accounts and the products would be delivered to their residences on nominal freight charges to be displayed on the site from time to time.

Happy Health India Wellness Products

HHI Wellness ProductsWeightPrice
HHI Tulsi25 ML₹250
HHI Teeth Cure30 ML₹150
Kesh Kare Hair Oil100 ML₹299
Flexi Joint Oil100 ML₹250
Flexi Joint Capsule45 PC₹380
Happy Tummy500 ML₹500
Amla Aloe vera Juice500 ML₹450
Lady Fine Capsule45 PC₹450
Cholesterol Capsule60 PC₹630
Slim and Smart Tea300 GM₹900

Happy Health India Food Products

HHI Food ProductsWeightPrice
Coconut Water Powder250 GM₹400
Punjabi Gud (Jaggery)1 KG₹140
Tamarind Khajur Chutney300 GM₹160
Mint Chutney with Herbs300 GM₹150
Spice Era Kitchen King50 GM₹40
Classic Basmati Rice5 KG₹850
HHI Premium Rice5 KG₹400

Happy Health India Personal Care Products

HHI Care ProductsWeightPrice
New Tooth Fresh Plus Red Paste100 Gm₹75
New Tooth Fresh Toothpaste100 Gm₹65
Daily Shine Shampoo350 ML₹299

Happy Health India Home Care Products

HHI Home Care ProductsWeightPrice
Toilet Cleaner500 ML₹90
Phenyl Concentrate100 ML₹90
HHI Room Spray Air Freshener40 GM₹25
Herbal Dhoop90 GM₹25
New Washing Powder1 KG₹75
HHI Dishbar Tub500 GM₹55
HHI Room Spray Air Freshner250 ML₹170
New Clean & Shine Washing Powder200 Gm₹15

Happy Health India Agriculture Products

HHI Home Agriculture ProductsPrice
Premium Plus₹700
Fruiter Plus₹700
Spread All 90₹700
Bloom Plus₹700
HHI Grow For Soil₹700
New Grow More₹450
New Earth Power₹450
Healthy Vet Cal₹625
Carbon Gold₹1550
Crop Master₹550

Happy Health India Pulses Prices

HHI PulsesWeightPrice
Channa Dal Pulses1 KG₹48
Kabuli White Channa1 KG₹69
Black Channa1 KG₹60
Masur Dal1 KG₹65
Arhar Dal Toor Dal1 KG₹70
Mash Sabut1 KG₹75
Rajmah Lobia1 KG₹85

Happy Health India Sharbat Product Prices

HHI Sharbat ProductsWeightPrice
Orange Sharbat25.3 Ounce₹185
Rose Sharbat25.3 Ounce₹185
Brahmi Badam Sharbat25.3 Ounce₹185

Happy Health India Elvish Cosmetic Products Prices

HHI Cosmetic ProductsWeightPrice
BeautySA Herbal Shampoo200 ML₹140
BeatySA Bath Soap100 g₹36
Strawberry Face Wash100 ML₹150
Fairness Cream100 g₹175
Antiseptic Soap100 g₹35
Oxygen Face Wash100 ML₹150
Elvish anti-aging Cream50 g₹200
HHI Young Spark anti-aging Kit₹350
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Happy Health India Product Rate List PDF Free Download

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