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Greek Myths Olivia Coolidge


HEME, god of thieves and messenger of Zeus, was full of LERMES, trickery from the start.

His mother, the shy nymph, Maia, bore him secretly in a deep cave, but since the baby god could walk and talk from his birth, she could not hide him long.

In fact, when she laid him in the cradle and turned away to let him sleep, he slipped out behind her back and stole to the cave entrance with mischief in his mind.

In the grass outside the gateway, he found a great tortoise with a spotted shell and seized on it to play with.

He took the shell and from it made a framework, stretching seven strings of sheep gut upon it.

Thus he constructed a new and beautiful instrument: a lyre, a kind of harp, and began to play. It sounded marvelous, and as he plucked the strings.

They sang to its stories of his mother and of his father, Zeus, and of the cave where he was born and the nymphs that served them there.

Presently, when Hermes tired of his new toy, he laid it in his cradle and slipped forth again to get into some real mischief.

Just as the sun was going down, he found a mountainside where a great herd of snow-white cattle grazed, the cattle of the sun.

Fifty of these the baby god of thieves separated from the herd and began to drive away, down past the sandy river bed to the hard ground beyond, where it would be more difficult to trace their footprints.

To make all safe, with much shouting and running, he turned the cattle and forced them to walk back through the sandy place so that Apollo might think they were coming to, not going from, their pasture.

To conceal his footprints from the god. he tied branches, leaves, and all, under his feet, making great, shuffling tracks, as though someone had been sweeping the sand with a broom.

AuthorEdouard Sandoz
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Greek Myths Olivia Coolidge Book PDF Free Download

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