Pitman’s Shorthand Writing Exercises And Examination Tests PDF

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Isaac Pitman All Books On Shorthand Writing PDF Free Download

Pitman’s Shorthand

This Shorthand Books Collection Contains Below Books

  • Pitman’s Shorthand Writing Exercises And Examination Tests
  • Pitman’s shorthand instructor
  • Key to Course in Isaac Pitman shorthand
  • Pitman’s English and shorthand dictionary
  • Brief Reporting Notes In shorthand

The tax chief object of this work is to provide the student of Pitman’s Shorthand with a series of exhaustive Exercises on every rule in the system.

An examination of the arrangement of the Exercises will show that they have been prepared in such a way that the student may not only thoroughly master each principle as it is reached in the course of his study,

but that he is enabled at the same time to acquire a very extensive knowledge of words and the outlines for them, and also to commence the practice of writing from dictation almost from the beginning of his study of the theory.

The facility in writing and in reading shorthand may therefore be obtained along with a perfect mastery of the principles, and thus the student will be saved a good deal of valuable time.

It is scarcely necessary to say that this work is not intended to take the place of “Pitman’s Shorthand Instructor” or any of the other textbooks of the system.

It is supplementary to those, and the Exercises herein contained will be most correctly written, and with the greatest benefit to the student,

if he will take care always to refer to his textbook before commencing to work the Exercises on any rule.

Attention to this, and to the brief directions at the head of the Exercises, will enable the student to work through the various sections with few or no mistakes.

It is probable that the student will meet in these Exercises with some words that are unfamiliar to him. He is recommended in such a case invariably to refer to the dictionary for the meaning of the words,

remembering that transcription of shorthand notes is all the easier when the meaning of the words is perfectly understood by the writer.

It may be pointed out, too, that the Exercises contain very many illustrations of the principle of Word-Building, and that the student will be able to construct innumerable other outlines on the plan suggested by the examples referred to.

AuthorIsaac Pitman
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Pitman’s shorthand instructor (17.2 MB) Download

Key to Course in Isaac Pitman shorthand (4.3 MB) Download

Brief reporting notes in shorthand (2.8 MB) Download

Pitman’s English and Shorthand Dictionary (51.1 MB)

Pitman’s Shorthand Writing Exercises And Examination Tests Book PDF Free Download

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