Fun With A Pencil PDF By Andrew Loomis

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Fun With A Pencil

In this book, the author gives a message on the simplicity and practicality of drawing through a structured method. Andy, who apparently prefers “shop talk”, has hired a speaker to help express his thoughts because he cannot communicate directly. The method advocated involves starting with simple, familiar forms and then building more complex shapes from them.

The idea is to create an outline systematically rather than trying to draw the final lines immediately. The lesson emphasizes that creating preliminary shapes helps to understand where to draw the actual lines, making drawing more accessible to everyone. The author suggests that by using tangible forms such as balls, cubes, eggs, and others, drawing becomes a straightforward and enjoyable activity.

This book also discusses the observation of real-life shapes, such as Santa’s belly, and how to represent them through drawing. This method, described as simple and practical, is believed to produce professional-looking results, even if the construction process is not obvious once the initial lines have been erased. The author encourages readers to give this method a chance, expressing confidence that anyone can follow it and discover previously unnoticed drawing abilities.

WriterAndrew Loomis
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Fun With A Pencil PDF Free Download

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