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Since Andy cannot talk to you personally, he put me in here so we can really get together. It’s tough on Andy, for that guy really loves to talk, especially “shop talk.”

Now this plan of action is based on the use of simple forms that are already known and familiar to you, and which you can certainly draw.

From these simple, known forms, we build other forms, which without some constructive plan would be too complicated to draw.

For instance, the top of the head, or cranium, is nearer to a ball in shape than anything else. So we start with a bull and add to it the shapes we want.

We thus “arrive” at the outlines that are needed instead of guessing at them. Only the most talented end experienced artist can draw at once the final outlines.

That procedure is most difficult and is the reason most people give up drawing, But knowing how to”construct” makes drawing simple and easy, and a delightful pastime to anybody.

By building preliminary shapes and developing the outlines on them, we know WHERE TO DRAW OUR REAL LINES. There is hardly anything that cannot first be constructed by the use of simple forms.

“Santa had a belly, like a bowl full of jelly.” Now that was a real observation. We know just what it must have looked like. In fact, we can see it shaking! Now, the idea is to draw the bowl before the belly.

If the observation is correct, it ought to be a simple matter to make it fairly convincing as an abdomen for old Nick. Of course, we will cover it with his coat and pants, but we’ll be pretty sure the pants don’t spoil the big idea.

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Fun With A Pencil Book PDF Free Download

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