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From Jinnah To Zia Book PDF Free Download

From Jinnah To Zia Book PDF Free Download

From Jinnah To Zia


In the third decade of the 20th Century, Rahmat Ali, an otherwise unknown student of the Cambridge University, coined the word “Pakistan”

In his optimism of Muslim brotherhood and unity but forgetting earlier episodes in Muslim history, including that of the Muslim rule in India.

He urged that the Punjab, Afghanis tan, (N. W. Frontier), Kashmir, Sindh, and Baluchistan with an almost exclusive or preponderating.

Muslim population should be united in a separate Muslim state. Therefore taking the first letter from the names of these territories.

He suggested the union of these territories in a new state called Pakistan. Thus he came to fame when under the name suggested by him Pakistan.

Appeared on the world map on the midnight of 14th August 1942. But this was not a state as he had conceived it. Only a portion of Punjab was included in Pakistan; Kashmir.

Preponderating Muslims did not accede to Pakistan and the eastern zone of the country which had a Muslim majority and which was included in Pakistan, was not a part of his dream.

Earlier Allama Iqbal in the course of his presidential address to the Muslim League in 1930 had suggested a Muslim state comprising the preponderatingly Muslim areas in the northwest of India.

Even in this speech, there was no reference to the Muslim – majority areas in the cast of India. At the time Rahmat Ali coined the word Pakistan there was in the air not only.

The question of granting self-government to India but also the question of the Muslim’s position in that government.

The Simon Commission had been flagged out of India and neither of the two Round Table Conferences held in India had produced any unanimity tangible result.

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From Jinnah To Zia Book PDF Free Download

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