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Formula of Mensuration

Formula of Mensuration

What is Mensuration?

Mensuration is a subject of geometry. ]

Mensuration deals with the size, region, and density of different forms both 2D and 3D. Now, in the introduction to Mensuration, let’s think about 2D and 3D forms and the distinction between them.

What is a 2D Shape?

A 2D diagram is a shape laid down on a plane by three or more straight lines or a closed segment.

Such forms do not have width or height; they have two dimensions-length and breadth and are therefore called 2D shapes or figures. Of 2D forms, area (A) and perimeter (P) is to be determined.

What is a 3D Shape?

A 3D shape is a structure surrounded by a variety of surfaces or planes.

These are also considered robust types.

Unlike 2D shapes, these shapes have height or depth; they have three-dimensional length, breadth and height/depth and are thus called 3D figures.

3D shapes are made up of several 2D shapes. Often known as strong forms, volume (V), curved surface area (CSA), lateral surface area (LSA) and complete surface area (TSA) are measured for 3D shapes.

Mensuration Formulas for 2-D Figures

The area of 2-D figures is always calculated in square units and the perimeter is always calculated in units.

The below table will give you the complete list of areas and perimeters of different 2-D figures such as square, triangle (scalene, isosceles, equilateral, right), trapezium, parallelogram, rhombus, circle, etc.

Have a look at these mensuration formulas, understand them and learn them by heart.

Mensuration Formulas for 2-Dimensional Figures
Circleπr²2 π r
Square(side)²4 × side
Rectanglelength × breadth2 (length + breadth)
Scalene Triangle√[s(s−a)(s−b)(s−c),Where, s = (a+b+c)/2a+b+c (sum of sides)
Isosceles Triangle½ × base × height2a + b (sum of sides)
Equilateral Triangle(√3/4) × (side)²3 × side
Right Angled Triangle½ × base × hypotenuseA + B + hypotenuse, where the hypotenuse is √A²+B²
Parallelogrambase × height2(l+b)
Rhombus½ × diagonal1 × diagonal24 × side
Trapezium½ h(sum of parallel sides)a+b+c+d (sum of all sides)

Mensuration Formulas for 3-D Figures

Under 3-D Figures, we can calculate the total surface area which is equal to curved surface area+ area of top and bottom. Curved surface area is also known as lateral surface area, and is measured in square units.

Total surface area is also measured in square units whereas volume is measured in cubic units. So, find out the mensuration formulas for 3-D figures such as cone, cylinder, cube, cuboid, sphere, etc.

Mensuration Formulas for 3-Dimensional Figures
ShapeAreaCurved Surface Area (CSA)/ 
Lateral Surface Area (LSA)
Total Surface Area (TSA)
Cone(1/3) π r² hπ r lπr (r + l)
Cube(side)³ 4 (side)²6 (side)²
Cuboidlength × breadth × height2 height (length + breadth)2 (lb +bh +hl)
Cylinderπ r² h2π r h2πrh + 2πr²
Hemisphere(2/3) π r³2 π r²3 π r²
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Formula Of Mensuration PDF Free Download

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