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Export Marketing Sem 5 MCQ with Answers

  1. New EOUs are exempted from payment of corporate tax bloc for … years
    A. 5 years
    B. 7 years
    C. 10 years
    D. 1 year
  2. The scheme assists small units in procuring raw materials for export
    A. ASIDE,
    B. EPCG
    C. IRMAC,
    D. MDA
  3. The final selection of overseas market depends on
    A. Scrutiny
    B. Shortlisting
    C. Assessment
    D. Evaluation
    Answer: B
  4. TRIFED is a canalizing agency, deals with Gum karaya
    A. Mica waste
    B. Mineral ores
    C. Petroleum products
  5. What implies the physical movement of goods out of a country in a legal
    A. Export
    B. Import
    C. Re-export
    D. Trade
  6. India is not a member.
    A. SAARC
    B. ASIAN
    C. BRICS
    D. All 0f the above
  7. Specific duties can be imposed on
    A. Marine Product
    B. Agriculture product
    C. Work of art
    D. Gems & Jewellery
  8. The WTO Agreement related to investment measures is.
    A. TRIPS
    B. TRIMS.
    C. GATS
    D. TCA.
  9. Risk in export marketing due to civil disturbances is known as
    A. Legal Risk
    B. Commercial
    C. Cargo
    D. Political
    Answer: B
  10. A tariff ………………….
    A.Increase the volume of trade
    B.Reduces the volume of trade
    C.Has no effect on the volume of trade
    D. Both a. and c.
    1. India is not a member of
      A. SAARC
      B. ASIAN
      C. BRICS
      D. All 0f the above
    2. ANSWER: B
    3. The IEC number is a number with
      A. 7 digits
      B. 8 digits
      C. 9 digits
      D. 10 digits
      ANSWER: D
    4. Export Marketing involves
      A. No documentation
      B. Extensive documentation.
      C. Limited documentation.
      D. New documentation.
      Answer: B
    5. The Director General of Foreign trade is appointed by
      A. Central Government
      B. State Government
      C. Ministry of commerce
      D. Chief justice of the Supreme Court
      ANSWER: C
    6. Custom formalizes are
      A. Minimum
      B. Route
      C. Complicated
      D. Simple
      Answer: C
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Export Marketing Sem 5 MCQ with Answers PDF Free Download

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