EPF Return Form 11 (Self Declaration Form) PDF

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EPF Return Form 11 PDF Free Download

EPF Return Form 11

What is Form 11?

Form 11PF is a self-declaration form containing the EPF history of the employee and it is mandatory for the employee to fill it on joining an organization. It can also be used to automatically transfer to pf account

Who has to fill out EPF Form 11?

It is mandatory for any individual to fill EPF Form 11 at the time of joining a new organization registered under the EPF scheme of 1952.

However, existing members also need to fill out this form after changing their jobs as it contains all the details. Relating to the contribution made by the employee. Apart from this, this form is also used to transfer your PF account.

Structure of PF Form 11

The Employee Provident Fund form 11 has a total of 11 fields to be filled by the employee and a section called ‘Declaration by Present Employer’ which is to be filed by the employer.

While EPF Form 11 online submission, you will be asked to submit the following details-

  • Name of the employee
  • Date of birth of the employee
  • Father’s/Husband’s name
  • Gender
  • E-mail id
  • Mobile Number
  • Relationship of the employee with EPS and EPF schemes
  • Previous employment details such as the UAN, last working day, scheme certificate number
  • Educational details
  • Marital status
  • KYC details including bank account number, Driver’s license, etc.
  • Passport (in case of foreign employees)

Also, the following documents must be provided by the employer-

  • Employee’s Date of Joining
  • Universal Account Number (UAN) of the employee
  • Provident Fund ID number assigned to the employee
  • Verification of the employee’s detail

How to Fill PF Form 11?

The following details need to be filled in Form 11-

Personal Information such as-

  • Name of the member
  • Father’s Name or Spouse’s Name (whichever is applicable)
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender (Male, Female, and Transgender)
  • Marital Status
  • Contact Details – Email ID and Mobile Number

Details Related to Previous Employer and EPF and EPS Participation

  • Whether the employee is an existing member of Employee’s Provident Fund Scheme, 1952
  • Whether the employee is an existing member of the Employee’s Pension Scheme, 1995 
  • If the employee has marked the answer as ‘YES’ regarding participation in any of the two schemes, some additional data points are required to be furnished:
  • UAN or Universal Account Number
  • Previous PF or Provident Fund Account Number
  • Date of exit from previous employment in the format dd/mm/yyyy
  • Scheme Certificate No. (if issued)
  • Pension Payment Order (PPO) No. if issued

In the case of international workers, the following details need to be provided:

  • Country of Origin
  • Passport Number
  • Validity of passport
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EPF Return Form 11 PDF Free Download

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