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Electricity And Man

This book was published in Russian several years ago. Since then much has changed; important discoveries have been made in electrophysiology.

Development of the knowledge of electricity and its practical application has been broad and diversified, particularly its application in electronics, electrochemistry, and power engineering.

Conceptions have greatly altered and new interpretations have appeared. It is now obvious that at the elementary particle level, electricity is much more significant than was formerly supposed.

The non-uniform concentration of electrons in a semiconductor. for instance, provides interesting knowledge of macro processes, making them a new type of primary transducers of information.

Moreover, a change in the interdiction of the elementary particles in the atom imparts new properties to molecules.

Consequently, some principles should undoubtedly be set forth differently, but after rereading the book I have come to the conclusion that what is of greater importance is not outdated.

And the important thing is that knowledge of electricity in man is of the greatest significance and as yet constitutes a vast realm of the unexplored.

The more we know about electricity in man, the more successful we shall be in solving practical problems in its application.

I, therefore, consider myself fully justified in leaving the basic content of the book without substantial revision.

The experience of many years of observation in man is not obsolete. has not lost its importance.

At the beginning of the 19th century electrophysiology and electrical engineering developed in different directions, but in time the two will merge into a single science of electricity

Luigi Galvani who discovered “animal electricity” at the end of the 18th century, and Niels Bohr who proposed a planetary model of the atom at the beginning of the

20th century can hardly have realized that their discoveries would not only mark the beginning of the extensive and increasing application of electricity but would also serve as the basis for solving the greatest mystery of nature where does life begin?


Quite recently atoms were thought to be the ultimate “bricks” making up everything animate and inanimate (Greek ato- mos = indivisible). Now the conception of an indivisible atom has given way to the conception of an atom as complex system of particles with its own laws and relationships.

The particles making up the atom include electrons, which are incomparably lighter and possess a constant electric charge.

electron in the uranium atom. The electron has a mass which is about 1/2000 that of the hydrogen atom. It has a charge of 1.6×10“ 19 coulomb, the unit of electricity.

Yakov Frenkel, outstanding 20th century Soviet physicist, said this about the electric charge: “To get an idea about the size of the electric charges bound up in matter it should be noted that if we were able to extract an electron from every atom of hydrogen in 1 g of the gas we would obtain a negative charge equal, in absolute electric units, to the product of 5x 10“ 10 times 6xl0 23 , i.e., 3xl0 14 cgs units or 10 5 coulombs.

The force of attraction between this charge and the total positive charge of the atoms of 1 g of hydrogen that have lost their electrons would come to approximately 10 20 tons at a distance of 1 cm (over a million million tons!- V.M.).

Taking into account the fact that electric forces diminish in inverse proportion to the square of the distance, it can easily be cal¬ culated that the force of attraction between these charges at a distance equal to the earth’s diameter (about 13,000 km) would decrease 10 19 times but would still be equal to 10 tons.”

Author V. Manoilov
Language English
Pages 164
PDF Size 6.7 MB

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Electricity And Man Book PDF Free Download

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