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Drawing Portraits Faces And Figures

Step 1. The artist begins to draw the eye by indicating its basic contours with a few casual but carefully placed lines.

He suggests the complete upper and lower lids, as well as the eyebrow and the corner of the eye socket at the side of the nose. At this stage, the iris is just a circle.

Study the contours of the inner edges of the lids. Starting from the outer corner, the top lid follows a long, flattened curve and turns down a bit at the inside comer.

The lower lid does just the opposite, starting from the inside corner as a long, flattened curve and then turning upward at the outside comer.

Step 2. Pressing harder on the point of his pencil, the artist moves back over the casual guidelines of Step I to refine the contours.

The rather angular lines of Step I become rounder and more rhythmic. The eye begins to look more lifelike. The shapes of the lids are more clearly defined.

It’s par similarly important to remember that the upper lid always overlaps the iris, cutting off part of the circle. The lower lid touches the iris but doesn’t overlap it quite so much.

Step 3. Having drawn the contours more accurately, the artist now begins to block in the tones with broad, spontaneous strokes.

The tones are actually clusters of parallel strokes, which you can see most clearly in the tone of the iris and the shadow inside the eye socket.

The artist suggests the dark spot of the pupil, and he carefully draws the shadow that the upper lid casts across the iris and over the white of the eye. He indicates the shadows at the corners of the lids and on the underside of the lower lid.

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