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Nowzaradan Diet

Who is Dr. Nowzaradan

Dr. Younan Nouzardan is one of the most recognized gastric bypass surgeons today. He was one of the pioneers to start practicing minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery.

Born in Iran, he has many years of experience in his career developed mainly in the United States.

He is not only an excellent surgeon but he is also recognized for his compassion, nature and the diet plans created by him or the famous diet of Dr. Nowzaradan.

He became known worldwide for participating in the reality show “My 600 Pound Life”, where he operated on the world’s fattest woman (Amber Rachdy) and helped her lose weight.

The 24-year-old woman’s weight had reached 294 kg and Dr. Naujaradan operated on her so that she could live a normal life, which she had lost a long time ago due to her excessive weight.

After the first interview, the doctor told him that he would have to lose 9 kg in a certain period of time in order to be operated on.

By the time the date arrived she had lost 7.7 kg, however, the doctor saw her determination and agreed to perform the risky surgery.

But the hard work came later for Amber, as she had to follow the Dr. Younan Naujaradan diet plan and adopt a series of daily exercises after adopting the Dr. Naujaradan pre-surgery diet before the operation.

It was very difficult, because Amber almost did not get up to walk, but the young woman was sure that she wanted to lose weight and a year after the surgery she had already lost 68 kg.

That’s when Dr. Nowzardan proposed that if her weight reached 113 kg, she would undergo surgery to remove excess skin and fat.

And that’s what happened, with a strict diet, exercise and medical help she managed to do so and is a new person today.

This great story broadcast on television inspired many people to have this surgery, but the truth is that you should fall into good hands because these very low-calorie diets have their risks and you should know them before starting.

Pre-bariatric diet risks

The bariatric diet is very important when it comes to gastric bypass since it is part of the preparation that you must carry out before such an important operation.

This diet has as its main objective to achieve a certain weight loss in order to carry out the operation successfully and reduce risks.

This diet is not only food but also includes breathing and physical exercises that you must practice every day.

Generally, this diet is rich in fruits and vegetables and sometimes includes custards, soups, and protein shakes.

It does not have a specific time, but each professional must determine how many kilos the patient should lose and how long should he do it.

While all diets must be accompanied by a doctor or nutritionist, this particular can’t be done otherwise.

It is very strict and is only recommended for super-friendly bariatrics.

Each patient must carry out a different diet, depending on their needs, pathologies, and daily activities.

In case of not reaching the goal stipulated by the professional, the diet can be extended until reaching the proposed objective and thus being able to carry out the operation.

Nowzaradan diet menu

The pre-bariatric diet consists of a personalized weight loss nutritional plan. While the Nowzaradan diet varies for each patient here you will find an example to give you an idea of how.

Remember, the Nowzaradan diet should always be carried out by a specialized professional, you should not do it on your own, since it depends on the performance of the bypass operation.

Risks of a gastric bypass

If you are thinking of performing this risky operation, it is important that you first find an experienced professional and one who you fully trust.

He will inform you about the requirements, benefits, and risks of this intervention.

Here you can learn a little more about the risks of this.

 Bad absorption If your body has poor absorption after surgery, your doctor will find a way to find alternatives to keep you healthy.

 Kidney stones 7% of patients who had this surgery have suffered kidney stones because the bypass can produce changes in your metabolism.

It is still being studied because this problem occurs, however, it is possible to solve it in the company of a professional.

 Possible anemia Your body may have difficulty absorbing iron and be deficient in vitamin 12.

You should consult with your doctor, he will know what supplements to recommend to solve this problem.

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The New Dr. Nowzaradan Diet Plan Book PDF Free Download

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