Diabetes Carb Counting Chart PDF

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Diabetes Carb Counting Chart PDF Free Download

Diabetes Carb Counting Chart

Diabetes Carb Counting Chart PDF

Breads: 15g Carbs

1 slice bread (1 oz. rye, white or
whole wheat)
6 small breadsticks (4” long)
1/2 English muffin, hot dog or
hamburger bun
1 small croissant
1 matzo ball
1 small muffin (1 oz.)
Small pancake or waffle (4”)
1/2 pita (6”)
1 small plain roll (1 oz.)
1 slice fruit bread (1/4’’ thick; i.e.
1 small tortilla (6”)
1/3 cup stuffing
1 small cornbread or biscuit (2” x 2”

Cereal: 15g Carbs

½ cup bran cereal
¼ cup granola
½ cup cooked cereal
¾ cup other dry cereals
½ cup sugar frosted cereal
1 ½ cups puffed cereal

Crackers/Snack Foods: 15g Carbs

6-7 animal crackers
3 graham crackers
3 cups popcorn
4-6 round crackers
¾ oz. pretzels (15 mini twists)
10–15 snack chips (1 oz.)
6 saltine type crackers

Pastas/Grains: 15g Carbs

½ cup Chow mein noodles
1/3 cup pasta or other grains
1/3 cup brown or white rice (cooked)
½ cup fried rice

Potatoes/Vegetables/Beans: 15g Carbs

1/3 cup cooked beans (kidney
or pinto)
¼ cup baked beans (canned)
½ cup corn, hominy or peas
1 small white or sweet potato (3 oz)
10-15 french fries
½ cup hash browns or au gratin
1 cup winter squash
1 cup marinara or pasta sauce
½ cup mashed potatoes

Fruits: 15g Carbs

1 small piece of fresh fruit
½ cup applesauce (unsweetened)
4 fresh medium apricots
7 dried apricot halves
½ banana
2 tblsp. dried fruit
1/3 cup cantaloupe
1 cup melon cubes
½ cup cherries
2 figs or plums
½ cup canned fruit (unsweetened)
½ grapefruit
15 grapes
½ cup juice (unsweetened;
grapefruit or orange)
1 large kiwi
¾ cup fresh pineapple
½ mango or papaya
3 medium prunes
2 tbsp. raisins or craisins
1 cup berries

Milk/Yogurt: 15g Carbs

1 cup milk
skim 2%
½ cup evaporated skim milk
1/3 cup nonfat dry milk powder
1 cup plain yogurt
1 cup artificially sweetened yogurt

Soups: 15g Carbs

1 cup broth base (chicken or
beef noodle)
½ cup bean or split pea
1 cup cream soup

Sweets: 15g Carbs

2” brownie (unfrosted)
2” square piece of cake (no icing)
2 small fat free cookies
½ cup custard
1/3 cup frozen fat free fruit yogurt
1 small granola bar
½ cup ice cream or ice milk
½ twin popsicle
1 fudgesicle
½ cup sugar free pudding
5 vanilla wafers
2 tbsp. light maple syrup
1 tbsp. all fruit jelly or jam
1 3” cookie

Sweets: 30g Carbs

2” square piece of cake with icing
1 frosted cupcake
1 plain donut
1/8 pumpkin or custard pie
½ cup regular pudding
1 cup chocolate milk
Small soft serve cone
½ large bagel (2 oz.)

Sweets: 45g Carbs

1/6 piece 2 crust pie
1/6 piece chocolate cheese cake
1 small sweet roll or Danish
1 cup low fat yogurt with fruit
2 tbsp. regular maple syrup

Vegetables: 5g Carbs
(count if serving size > 15g)

½ cup cooked vegetables
green beans
bean sprouts
water chestnuts
1 cup raw vegetables
½ cup tomato or vegetable juice
¼ cup tomato puree

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Diabetes Carb Counting Chart PDF Free Download

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