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Cyberpunk Red Code Rulebook PDF Free Download


See, we’ve all been cruising the mean streets of Night City since 1984.

We’ve fought the Megacorps to a standstill, cybered ourselves to the very limit of psychosis, and have even climbed to the heights of the Arasaka Towers to pimp smack old Saburo upside his bald head.

This is one of the problems all designers who work within a self-created world face: terminal stagnation. Your players have done everything, fought everything, and seen everything you can offer in the original iteration of your world, and there’s not much left to do.

In Cyberpunk, my solution has always been to treat the entire world like a giant comic book, divided up into roughly ten-year story arcs.

The Cyberpunk world goes to hell beginning in 1993, starting with the invention of modern cyberware and the attack on the World Trade Center in New York by Colombian narco-terrorists.

We start the main Cyberpunk story (what I call the Never Fade Away Arc) ten years later in 2013 with the culmination being Johnny Silverhand’s invasion of the Arasaka Tower in an attempt to rescue his girlfriend, Alt Cunningham.

Ten more years pass and then begins the Cyberpunk 2020 Arc (which I call the Fall of the Towers Arc… starting to see a pattern here, what with me destroying big buildings all the time?) by the end of which the Cyberpunk world is total y disrupted in 2023.

Working in story arcs is useful. It al ows you to keep the main world operational while creating new storylines and introducing new characters.

You get to build on what is already there and familiar. But by the end of the 2020 Arc, I had two big problems. First, it wasn’t going to be enough simply to start a new storyline. I had to deal with the fact that much of the existing world had been mined out and needed a reset.

And second, I’d acquired some partners. See, about the same time I started writing what would one day become this book, a bunch of guys in Poland— you probably know them as CD Projekt Red, creators of the wildly popular Witcher video games—showed up on my metaphorical doorstep and said, “Hey, wanna make a Cyberpunk videogame?”

I looked them over and, assured that they were more than three guys in a basement with some old Apple 2’s and a goat, agreed that this would be a cool idea.

But that also meant that, besides doing a bit of a reset, I had to preserve what made Cyberpunk Cyberpunk, while at the same time moving the timeline forward and clearing out the deadwood.

I also had to make the new version fit not just a tabletop roleplaying game but a AAA videogame title too. The result is the game you’re holding in your hands.

Cyberpunk RED doesn’t wreck the world. But it resets many of the elements of that world without having to make it unrecognizable.

The product of literal y hundreds of hours of real-world research and planning, RED gives us a new arc where almost al the elements of the Cyberpunk we al love are stil present, but in new forms and with some fun new twists.

The mean streets of Night City are still there, but there are lots of new Players and new
chal enges walking the shadows. In addition, RED al ows us to create something unparal eled in gaming history—a tabletop RPG that serves as the perfect onramp for the expanded and far future of the Cyberpunk 2077 arc.

With threads looping forwards and back through the timeline, my partners at CDPR (Patrick, Adam, Marcin, Amelia—let’s face it, the whole damned 600+ crew at the CD studio) and our crew at R.

Talsorian Games have given you a deep, complex gaming experience you can explore on both the tabletop and the video screen. I didn’t do this by myself either.

I have to give all credit to the amazing crew here at R. Talsorian Games, James, Cody, J, Jaye, Jay, Lisa, David, and a host of other contributors who have made this thing work. We all think the result of all our hard work is a thing of beauty, and we hope you will too.

AuthorCody Pondsmith and James Hutt
Language English
No. of Pages2226
PDF Size22 MB

Cyberpunk Red Code Rulebook PDF Free Download

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