Creambell Ice Cream Price List In India PDF

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Price List Of Creambell Ice Cream PDF Free Download

Creambell Ice Cream Price List

Creambell Ice Cream Rate List

Creambell Shakes Price List in India

Creambell Single ScoopPrice
Vanilla Blast₹70
Pink Strawberry₹70
Cold Coffee₹95
Chocolatey Oreo₹100
Creambell Double ScoopPrice
Shoppe Special₹130

Creambell Celebration Price List India

Creambell CelebrationPrice
Black Forest₹400
Golden Fantasy₹400

Creambell Fantasia Ice Cream Prices in India

Shahi Kulfi₹290

Creambell Sizzlers Prices in India

Sizzling Brownie [Single Scoop]₹120
Family Sizzler [Double Scoop]₹200

Crambell Thirst Quenchers Price in India

Thirst QuenchersPrice
Blue Lagoon₹80
Pine Colada₹80

Creambell Ice Cram Prices in India

CreamBell Ice Cream FlavorsSingleDouble
Creambell Fresh Pineapple Price in India₹55₹85
Creambell Black Currant Price in India₹55₹85
Creambell Kaju Kishmish Price in India₹55₹85
Creambell Crunchy Butter Scotch Price in India₹55₹85
Creambell King Alphonso Price in India₹55₹85
Creambell Belgian Chocolate Price in India₹55₹85
Creambell Figs N Honey Price in India₹55₹85
Creambell Kaju Katli Price in India₹65₹105
Creambell Cookies & Cream Price in India₹65₹105
Creambell Zafrani Pasta Price in India₹65₹105
Creambell Shahi Kulfi Price in India₹65₹105
Creambell Rajbhog Price in India₹65₹105
Creambell Thandai Kulfi Price in India₹65₹105
Creambell Chikoo Price in India₹65₹105
Creambell Litchi Caramel Price in India₹65₹105

Creambell Sundaes Prices in India

Single Scoop Price
Vanilla Touch₹70
Pink Love₹70
Frutti Love₹100
Chocolate Sin₹100
Double Scoop Price
Hot Chocolate Fudge₹130
Oreo Sin₹130
Brownie Crunch₹140
Shoppe Special₹150
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Creambell Ice Cream Price List PDF Free Download

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