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Computer Courses Name List PDF Free Download


Web designing is a great opportunity for those who want to work independently. Web designing courses deal with various elements of making and maintaining a site.

It consists of learning coding languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

There are many private institutes that offer such courses. One of the notable institutes is the Arena group of institutes. The fees vary from institute to institute.


These courses deal with topics like visual effects, animation, 3D technology, graphics, etc. Earlier, this course had few takers.

But with the increased demand for VFX and Animation professionals, this course has become popular once again.

Again, there is a number of good-quality private institutes that offer animation courses. One of the best among them is Arena Multimedia. The fees vary from institute to institute.


Many Indian students are well aware of these courses. Their advertisement keeps appearing in Newspapers and TV every now and then.

As they promise, these courses guarantee jobs (if you complete the course from a reputed institute).

When it comes to computer hardware and networking, the most popular institute is Jetking. They have a good placement record.

They offer a variety of courses- long and short term. Bright students may also avail scholarships at Jetking.


To develop software, one must learn programming languages like Java, C++, etc. Software developers are in much demand in IT companies. This makes it a great course to pursue.

When it comes to software courses, the best institute in India is NIIT. They have their centers spread all over India.

They offer a number of courses- long and short term. Various programming languages are taught at IITs.

They have tie-ups with some big IT companies. They have a great placement record. And NIIT introduces new innovative courses each year.

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Computer Courses Name List PDF Free Download

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