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Colour Mixing

There are 3 primary colours – red, blue and yellow. 

No combination of other shades can create primary colours, however, all primaries can be mixed in various combinations to make more colours (hues).

Kids at an early age are usually only interested in mixing primary colours to create secondary ones and mixing secondary colours to create tertiary.

Types of Primary Colours

There are 3 primary colours. Reed, Blue and Yellow.

Red + Blue = Violet (Purple)

Yellow + Red = Orange

Blue + Yellow = Green

Basic Secondary Combinations List

Yellow + Green = Yellow-Green (Leaf)

Orange + Yellow = Deep Yellow

Blue + Violet (Purple) = Blue-Violet

Red + Violet (Purple) = Red-Violet (Purple)

Blue + Green = Blue-Green

Red + Orange = Red-Orange

There are many types of colours present in the environment. There are so many of them that we can’t even get them.

We all see that there are many types of green colours, Dark Green, Light Green, Yellow-Green etc.

The colours are mixed with the help of a computer to paint. Because there is such a subtle difference in colours, that ordinary man cannot mix it.

That’s why we have to take the help of computers.

Apart from painting, colours are also used for painting.

The painter makes a good painting with the help of these colours. This painting is so attractive that it is sold in crores.

The painter also uses the colour mixing chart in making the painting, because all types of colours are not already present, they are made by the colour mixing technique itself.

Studio Mixing Guide

· 841 colours created from 29 tube paint colours
· Broader palette and colour spectrum
· Ideal for studio, classroom and art workshops
· Detailed instructions included
· UV coated for durability
· Finest quality printing for colour accuracy

24” x 24”
Style 5841

Personal Mixing Guide

· 324 colours created from 18 tube paint colours
· Essential colours for most artists
· Ideal for studio or on location
· Detailed instructions included
· High-quality printing
11 ½” x 11 ½”
Style 5324

Language English
No. of Pages1
PDF Size1 MB

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Colour Mixing Chart And Guide Book PDF Free Download

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