A Collection of Short Mystery Stories PDF In English

A Collection of Short Mystery Stories Book PDF Free Download

One Story As Example

“God bless you!” I cried. “Forgive me for everything. I will tell you the truth. I DID think you might help me in my extremity, though I well knew that I had no claim upon you.

Still-for the old school’s sake–the sake of old times. I thought you might give me another chance. If you wouldn’t I meant to blow out my brains–and will still if you change your mind!”

In truth, I feared that it was changing, with his expression, even as I spoke, and in spite of his kindly tone and kindlier use of my old school nickname.

His next words showed me my mistake. “What a boy it is for jumping to conclusions! I have my vices, Bunny, but backing and filling are not one of them.

Sit down, my good fellow, and have a cigarette to soothe your nerves. I insist. Whiskey? The worst thing for you; here’s some coffee that I was brewing when you came in.

Now listen to me. You speak of another chance. What do you mean? Another chance at baccarat? Not if I know it! You think the luck must turn; suppose it didn’t?

We should only have made bad worse. No, my dear chap, you’ve plunged enough. Do you put yourself in my hands or do you not?

Very well, then you plunge no more, and I undertake not to present my check. Unfortunately, there are the other men, and still more unfortunately, Bunny, I’m as hard up at this moment as you are yourself!”

It was my turn to stare at Raffles. “You?” I vociferated. “You hard up? How am I to sit here and believe that?” “Did I refuse to believe it of you?” he returned, smiling.

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A Collection of Short Mystery Stories Book Pdf Free Download

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