Co-Operative Society Registration Form Haryana PDF

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Co-Operative Society Registration Form Haryana PDF Free Download

Co-Operative Society Registration Form Haryana

We, the undersigned, hereby apply for the registration of a co-operative society, as proposed hereunder, under section 7(1) of the Haryana Cooperative Societies Act, 1984, and enclose herewith three copies of the bye-laws as required by rule 8.

  1. Name of the proposed cooperative society.
  2. Class of co-operative society and whether limited or unlimited.
  3. Address to be registered.
  4. Area of operation.
  5. Main Objects.
  6. A number of members at present.
  7. Occupation of members.
  8. Capital with details of shares, admission fees, and deposits, if any.
  9. Value of share and mode of payment.
  10. Names of members of the Managing Committee elected by the promoter members.
  11. Name of the applicant for purposes of correspondence by the Registrar.
  12. Particulars of the Promoter members:-



  1. Name of the applicant (Society)___
  2. Name of the defaulter___________________son of ____ Village
    _________________Post Office __________________ Police Station
  1. The amount under default as on _______________
    (i) Principal ______
    (ii) Interest ______
    (iii) Total ______

Forwarded to the distrainer for necessary action.
Date: 1. Signature__________
Place: 2. Name_______________

  1. Address_______________
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Co-Operative Society Registration Form Haryana PDF Free Download

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