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Cera Sanitaryware

Green Products for a Greener Planet Whether you are purchasing wash basins for your new home or looking to remodel your old bathroom, the choices are never-ending.

Bathrooms are one of the most relaxing spaces of your home, and they are truly incomplete without a functional & aesthetic wash basin that matches perfectly with the theme of your bath space.

Pedestal wash basins: These are traditionally small wash basins with a pedestal that hides the drain pipe giving better bathroom aesthetics.

They can come as a single block or are also as two separate units with detachable basins & pedestals.

There are full pedestal basins that are supported by the floor and the wash basin is wall-mounted while the half pedestal basins are mounted on the wall along with the basin.

Semi-recessed washbasins: These modern wash basins are the preferred choice for bathrooms with limited space where one needs to have vanity cabinets to have storage space beneath the basin. They are also highly functional when it comes to reaching the tap without being obstructed by the countertop.

Tabletop wash basins: These are wash basins that can be installed over a table, a counter, or any other surface. They are easy to install and also save space. Thin rim table top wash basins are new additions and that give a stylish work, besides possessing a better water holding capacity. They are also stronger and are designed to minimize water splashing.

We, at CERA, stand for a greener planet. This is why we offer ecological hygienic solutions. Simply put, we offer products that save water and in turn, protect the planet.

With a wide range of water-saving products with futuristic eco-designs and advanced technology, we strive for a better future.

We call this “an idea for a better society”. Let’s have a look at how we do this: In today’s time, it is important to make EWCs that save precious water.

More than 90% of CERA EWCs are designed to save 35% water in each usage.

This is possible due to the special design of the inner bowl that needs only 3.9 liters of flushing water instead of the regular 6 liters and yet offers effective cleaning.

Futuristic sensor taps Taking forward the water-saving concept, faucets manufactured at Cera are awarded several certifications such as WEP-I, GRIHA, and GreenPro.

All the CERA faucets are fitted with an aerator, which mixes air with water & gives splash-free gentle flow. Cera also offers different water-saving aerators which can save more than 50% of water in every usage.

Faucets with smart water-saving aerators Intelligent Eco-flow showers with turbo-air technology
Crafted with style, our Eco-flow showers are products of inspiring technology.

They let you indulge in the luxury of an invigorating shower while saving water as well.

With Turbo-Air technology, our Eco-flow showers reduce water usage and encourage low-scale buildup.

By mixing air in the flow, our showers provide an oxy-rich, full-flow experience while dispensing nearly 50% less water than conventional showers.

Our showers regulate the flow according to water pressure, giving users a uniform and soft showering experience. These showers save big on water, electricity, and energy.

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