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CCC Test Questions And Answers PDF Free Download

Online Tests For CCC Practice

A new folder cannot be created on the desktop.
1) True
2) False

Do Linux operating systems have a core named _____?
1) Kernel
2) Application
3) System Software
4) Utility Software

The following shortcuts are used to cut something in the Windows operating system?
1) Ctrl+V
2) Ctrl+D
3) Ctrl+X
4) Ctrl+C

Using which of the following commands can we partition a hard drive?
1) Mkfs
2) Fdisk
3) Fsck
4) mount

The shortcut to open the start menu is?
1) Window logo
2) Window logo + @
3) Window logo + M
4) Window logo + F

Q16.What is the shortcut key to show the desktop?
1) Windows key + E
2) Windows key + W
3) Windows key + D
4) Ctrl + O

Which of the mouse techniques is not used in windows?
1) Lifting
2) Dragging
3) Double-clicking
4) Clicking

The shortcut key to Reboot the computer is?
1) Ctrl+Alt+Del
2) Ctrl+B+T
3) Ctrl+C
4) Ctrl+X

What is the full form of GUI?
1) Graphical User Interface
2) Graphical User Interpreter
3) Graphical Using an Interpreter
4) Group User Interface

Windows -10 has …….. different editions?
1) 5
2) 10
3) 8
4) 9

Q1. The scanner is which type of device?
1) Input
2) Output
3) Input and output both
4) None of these

Q2. Which of the following is primary memory?
1) RAM
2) Floppy Disk
3) Hard disk
4) Optical disk  

Q3. A collection of 8 bits is called?
1) Byte
2) Word
3) Record
4) Nibble

Q4. What is the motherboard?
1) Software
2) Hardware
3) C.P.U
4) Operating System

Q5. A major characteristic of computers is?
1) Speed
2) Accuracy
3) Storage capacity
4) All of the above

Q6. The limitation of computers is?
1) Non-accurate
2) No feelings
3) Slow calculating
4) No automation

Q7. Devices by which the results obtained from the computer are called _______ devices?
1) Input devices
2) Output devices
3) Indirect devices
4) None of these

Q8.  What does the compiler do?
1) Converts low-level to mid-level
2) Convert mid-level to high level
3) Convert high language to low language
4) None of these

Which of these is an input device?
1) Keyboard
2) Mouse
3) Microphone
4) All of the above

PROM is used as primary memory?
1) True
2) False

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CCC Test Questions And Answers  PDF Free Download

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