CBSE Class 10th English Sample Paper With Solution PDF

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CBSE Class 10th English Sample Paper With Solution PDF Free Download

CBSE Class 10th English Sample Paper With Solution

Solving previous year’s question papers has plenty of benefits; it helps in smart revision, understanding exam patterns, analyzing important questions, and a lot more.

Students must practice as many questions as possible once done studying a particular subject or chapter.

Solid preparation is extremely crucial for important examinations like Class 10 Board exams.

Class 10 is a deciding year on which a lot of future career rewards depend. Hence, it is important to score good marks in the 10th-grade examination.

The class 10 syllabus plays a crucial role in building subject knowledge. 

English Sample Paper Class 10 2023 with Solution

The students preparing for the upcoming CBSE Class 10 English Exam which has been scheduled for 27th February 2023 must download the official English Class 10 sample paper PDF from the below link and practice the questions as per the pattern released by CBSE.

The solutions to the CBSE Class 10 English Sample Paper as set by CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus 2023 have been provided below along with the solution as released by CBSE.

CBSE Class 10th English Sample Paper 2023 PDF
Class 10 English Sample Paper 2023Solution Link

Class 10 English Sample Paper and Solution 2023

Below are some of the questions from the official sample paper released by the CBSE on the official website. You can practice these questions to score good marks in your board examination. 

Section A: Reading Skills

I. Read the passage given below

1. Mountains have always been held in great awe by mankind. They have been a challenge to humans. Those brave among us have always wanted to conquer them. You see, the more incredible the mountains, the greater the thrill – a challenge to the bravery of the human race. Climbing mountains is an experience that is hard to put into words. You are in a beautiful environment and, when you reach the top, you feel incredible. But you also have to climb down, which is when most accidents happen – people are tired, it gets dark, and it’s harder. So, mountain climbing is undoubtedly one of the most popular adventure sports along with being challenging and risky for the climber.

2 Without any perceived risk, there can’t be a feeling that any significant challenge has been surmounted. Fair, but we have to bear in mind that mountaineering is not a sport that can be embraced without preparation. The enthusiasts must develop in themselves the spirit of adventure, willingness to undertake hardships and risks, extraordinary powers of perseverance, endurance, and keenness of purpose before climbing a mountain. They should also know how to handle mountaineering equipment. Then comes the penance of the rigorous training. This could very well be the lifeline up there. It helps inculcate and hone survival instincts that allow the climber to negotiate perilous situations. There are numerous institutes in India and abroad that offer such training.

3 Mountain climbers are unanimous in agreeing that the unpredictable weather is what they fear the most. There may be sunshine one moment and a snowstorm the other. At higher altitudes, snow is a regular feature, and being decisive about setting up camps or proceeding further is crucial. The icy sheets after ice storms make walking treacherous, while the powdery snow makes a mountaineer sink deep into the snow. Up there, where the intention is to embrace Nature’s wonder, one realizes that it cannot be done without facing its formidable glory. A true mountaineer may challenge the mountain, yet is always respectful of the powerful forces of nature.

4 Summiting mountains carries its own health risks such as oxygen and altitude sickness problems, frost bites, swelling of hands and feet, fluid collection in the brain or lungs, and exhaustion. Yet, the gratification mountaineers feel from mastering something that is so frightening, urges them to undertake these endeavors. We may think that the mountaineers are fearless, but experts say, “Not at all. It’s fear that keeps them so intrigued with such arduous journeys.” Impulse and brazenness can be deadly foes. In the words of the Indian mountaineer, Bachendri Pal, “The biggest risk … is to not to take the risk at all. Remember that.”

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer the questions given below.

I. Why does the writer say that mountains inspire ‘awe’ in humans? (Paragraph 1)

A. They present us with opportunities for exciting sports.

B. They evoke the wish in us, to master them.

C. They inspire in us, deeds of valor.

D. They represent peace and calm, to us.

Solution: B. They evoke the wish in us, to master them.

ii. Select the option that corresponds to the following relation below:

The more incredible the mountains—the greater the thrill (Paragraph 1)

A. The higher the stamina—the lower the food intake

B. The more you laugh—the lesser your illness

C. The smaller the car—the bigger the advantage

D. The heavier the luggage—the higher the penalty

Solution: D.The heavier the luggage—the higher the penalty

iii. Select the option that displays what the writer projects, with reference to the following:

So, mountain climbing is undoubtedly one of the most popular adventure sports (Paragraph 1)

A. doubt

B. caution

C. conviction

D. denial

Solution: C. conviction 

iv Complete the following with a phrase from paragraph 1.

……………………..Best experienced rather than described

Solution: hard to put into words.

V. The writer compares training to penance in the line –Then comes the penance of the rigorous training. (Paragraph 2) State 1 point of similarity between training and penance.

Solution: very difficult / requires perseverance (Any other relevant)

VI. Based on your reading of the text, list 2 reasons why the writer says that “mountaineering is not a sport that can be embraced without preparation”. (Paragraph 2) 



Solution: Because mountaineering includes difficulties like having to walk on icy sheets that cannot be accomplished without proper preparation of equipment

  • Because mountaineering includes dealing with several health hazards that cannot be managed without preparation.
  • Because managing unpredictable weather is essential in mountaineering and cannot be accomplished without being prepared with specific training.
  • Because mountaineering presents the risk of fatality due to faulty decision-making and cannot be addressed without being prepared by accompanying/ engaging experienced climbers. (Any other relevant/ correct from text).

VII. What connection does the writer draw out between unpredictable weather and the setting up of camps? (Paragraph 3)

Solution: If the weather is unpredictable, it makes it difficult to decide when to set up camp as mountaineers would prefer to climb when it is sunny and camp when it’s snowing.

VIII. The writer says, “A true mountaineer may challenge the mountain, yet is always respectful to the powerful forces of nature.” (Paragraph 3) Select the reason the mountaineer is respectful to the forces of nature, up in the mountains.

A. survival

B. experience

C. tradition

D. directive 

Solution: A. survival

IX. Supply 1 point to justify the following: While mountain-climbing, an impulsive mountaineer is either disaster-prone or as good as dead

Solution: Survival is key in mountain climbing and it can be done with meticulous planning / careful decision-making/ careful application of training (any one or more) It has no room for rash or impulsive decisions/ actions— these would lead to accidents or fatalities. 

X. Evaluate the INAPPROPRIATE reason for the feeling of exhilaration on reaching a summit, that the mountain climbers experience. 

A. Achievement of a seemingly impossible feat 

B. Spectacular panoramic view 

C. Application of the inculcated survival instincts 

D. Opportunity to use sophisticated mountaineering equipment

Solution: D.Opportunity to use sophisticated mountaineering equipment.

II. Read the passage given below.

1 The North-East of India is a melting pot of variegated cultural mosaic of people and races, an ethnic tapestry of many hues and shades. Yet, these states are lesser explored as compared to the rest of the country. The new generations of travelers who are ‘money rich and time poor’ are increasingly looking for unique experiences –a phenomenon being called the emergence of the ‘experience economy. For this new and growing breed of tourists, the Northeast with its variety and uniqueness holds immense attraction.

2. A study conducted in 2020 by Dr. Sherap Bhutia, revealed that the foreign tourist arrival in the North-East increased from 37,380 persons in 2005 to 118,552 in 2014. The overall growth rate of tourists (both domestic and foreign) in the Northeast was as high as 26.44% during 2005-06. A Page 4 of 15 2 high and positive growth of 12.53% was registered in foreign tourist visits to the North-East States of India during 2012 from 2011, which further rose to register a growth of 27.93% during 2013 from 2012. Foreign tourist arrivals in the Northeast witnessed a growth of 39.77% in 2014 from 2013, according to data provided by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. 

3. The study recommendations for tourism planners included the need to concentrate on some key areas like enhancement of tourist facilities, tourism financing, focus on community involvement, and others for the formulation of a sustainable tourism strategy in the North-East States of India. 
II. Based on your understanding of the passage, answer the questions given below.

I.Infer one reason for the following, based on information in paragraph 1. The rate of tourism in the North-East of India puzzles tourism officials.

Solution: This is so because these states are lesser explored as compared to the rest of the country, in spite of having lots to offer.

ii. Select the appropriate options to fill in the blanks.

From paragraph 1 we can infer that the _____________ and _________________ of the North-Eastern

states aid attracting the ‘money rich and time poor’ tourists.

1. distinctiveness

2. conventionality

3. diversity

4. uniformity

5. modernity

A. 1 & 3

B. 2 &4

C. 2 & 5

D. 1 & 4 

Solution: A.1&3.

iii. Complete the following analogy correctly with a word/ phrase from paragraph 1: aroma: cooking:: _________: painting

Solution: hues and shades

iv. Select the correct option to complete the sentence.

Travelers advocating the ‘experience economy’ seek a holiday package with ______________

A. grand facilities, expensive hotels, and excellent services to pamper them.

B. a wholesome experience within the budget they have planned for.

C. places and cities to buy things from and opportunities to spend money.

D. minimal services, hostel accommodation, and many days of touring.

Solution: B. A wholesome experience within the budget they have planned for.

Select the chart that appropriately represents the trend of foreign tourist travels in the Northeast, from 2011-2014, as per paragraph 2.

A. Option 1

B. Option 2

C. Option 3

D. Option 4

Solution: B. Option 2

vi. Fill in the blank by selecting the correct option.

The study of tourist travel statistics in the North-East, from 2005 to 2014 showed ____________ results.

A. expected

B. encouraging

C. inconsistent

D. questionable 

Solution: B.encouraging 

VII. Substitute the word ‘witnessed’ with ONE WORD similar in meaning, in the following sentence 

from paragraph 2: Foreign tourist arrivals in the Northeast witnessed a growth of…

Solution: observed/ recorded/ showed/ displayed (Any other similar relevant)

VIII. List any 2 examples of ‘tourist facilities as referred to, in Paragraph 3.

Solution: Accommodation—hotels, hostels, camps

Recreation—Parks, Gardens, Museums, Shopping areas

Essential- eating outlets, toilets, water points, and kiosks for

maps/currency exchange (if needed), certified travel guide availability

Transport-dedicated shuttle service, sight-seeing buses, cards or passes, car hiring stations

Digital upgrades –WiFi availability, websites, ticketing, forums

(Any other relevant)

IX. List one reason why the researchers recommend that the formulation of a tourism strategy in the North Eastern States of India be sustainable.


  • To create socio-economic benefits for the local community
  • To reduce the negative impacts caused on the destination/s
  • To ensure the protection of culture and heritage/ To ensure minimal intervention in the cultural aspects
  • To protect natural wildlife and resources (Any other relevant)

Section B –Grammar

Attempt ANY TEN of the following questions.

I. Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option to complete an online update.

The climate control comment by an activist on social media yesterday.

A. blow up

B. blew up

C. is blown

D. will be blown

Solution: i. B. blew up 

ii Read the conversation between a doctor and his patient. Complete the sentence by reporting the patient’s reply correctly.

Doctor: Do you feel down from time to time Mr. Gopalan?

Patient: Yes, I do not stay in a good mood.

The doctor, while trying to figure out his patient’s ailment, asked about his well-being,

to which, the patient affirmed……………..

Solution: ii. that he does not stay in a good mood. (Addition of sometimes/time to time acceptable)

iii Select the correct option to fill in the blank for the given line, from a health magazine.

The advertisement read, ‘If you smoke, statistically your story end 15% before it should. 

A. must

B. should

C. will

D. ought to

Solution: iii. C. will 

iv Select the option that identifies the error and supplies the correction for the following line, from a news report: 

Last week a child was not allowed to board the plane at Ranchi airport.

Option no.errorcorrection

Solution: iv. C. the/a 

V. Complete the given narrative, by filling in the blank with the correct option:

As I was standing on the dock, looking out at the lake for the last time, a feeling of emptiness was over me like darkness.

A. will wash

B. had washed

C. will have washed

D. washed

Solution: v. D. washed

VI. Fill in the blank by using the correct form of the word in the bracket, for the given portion of a letter:

Subject: Request for Approval

Dear Sir

This is to respectfully submit that I……………(seek) approval for organizing a tree

plantation drive to be undertaken by the club.

Solution: vi. seek

vii Report the dialogue between a grandson and his grandfather, by completing the sentence:

Grandson: Grandpa, who are your superheroes?

Grandpa: Anyone who shows kindness and compassion to others.

In response to the question about his superheroes, grandfather says that………….

Solution: vii. it is anyone who shows kindness and compassion to others

viii Identify the error in the given sentence, from a school magazine report and supply the correction.

In order to balancing the sentiments of the Eagles and the Hawks, the Student Council suggested a rematch between the teams.

Use the given format for your response.



 balancing balance

ix Sunil shared some information, with Tariq, about a holiday at sea. Report Tariq’s question: Did you enjoy traveling by sea?

Solution: Tariq asked Sunil if/whether he had enjoyed traveling by sea.
x. Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option, to complete the slogan by the Ministry for Child Welfare.






Solution: D. CAN 

xi. Select the correct option to complete the narration of the dialogue between Latha and her father.

Father: Why ask so many questions, Latha?

Latha: I believe that if you don’t know the answer, keep asking till you do!

Father asked Latha the reason for the many questions she was asking. Latha exclaimed

good-humouredly that in the event of not knowing the answer one should………….……..

A. keep asking till one does.

B. kept asking till one does.

C. keep asking till one do.

D. kept on asking till one do.

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