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Winner of the Newbery Medal

Mafatu’s name means “Stout Heart” but his people call him a coward.

Ever since the sea took his mother’s life and spared his own, he has lived with deep fear.

And even though his father is the great chief of Hikueru-an Island whose sen faring people worship courage- he is terrified, and so scorned.

By the time he is 15 years old, Mafatu can bror it no longer. He must conquer his fear alone… even if it means certain death.

This classic tale of a young boy’s hidden strength has been a favorite of readers of all ages since its 1940 publication.


IT HAPPENED many years ago, before the traders and missionaries first came into the South Seas, while the Polynesians were still great in numbers and fierce of heart.

But even today the people of Hikueru sing this story in their chants and tell it over the evening fires. It is the story of Mafalu, the Boy Who Was Afraid.

They worshiped courage, those early Polynesians. The spirit which had urged them across the Pacific in their sailing canoes.

Before the dawn of recorded history, not knowing where they were going nor hearing what their late might be, still sang its song of danger in their blood.

There was only courage. A man who was afraid–what place had been in their midst and the boy Mafaru-son of Tavana Nui.

The Great Chief of Hikueru always had been afraid. So the people drove him forth. Not by violence, but by indifference. Mafatu went out alone to face the thing he feared the most.

And the people of Hikaru still sings his story in their chants and tells it over the evening fires.

It was the sea that Mafatu feared. He had been surrounded by it ever since he was born The thunder of it filled his cars, the crush of it upon the reef.

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Call It Courage Book PDF Free Download

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