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Enjoy the Good News! Our Lord Buddha has found the root of all evil; He has shown us the path of salvation.

Buddha removes the confusion of our mind and frees us from the fear of death.

Buddha, our Lord, brings comfort to the weary and the sorrowful; He returns peace to those who are broken by the burdens of life.

He gives courage to the weak when they give up self-reliance and hope.

You who are afflicted by the tribulations of life, you who have to struggle and endure, you who yearn for the life of truth, rejoice in hearing the gospel, which is healing for the wounded, and bread for the hungry. Is.

There is water for the thirsty, and hope for the hopeless. There is light for those who are in darkness, and eternal blessings for the upright.

Heal your wounds, O wounded, and eat your fill, O hungry! O weary ones, take rest, and you who are thirsty, quench your thirst.

Look to the light, you who sit in darkness; Cheer up, O people of despair! O lovers of truth, trust in truth, for the kingdom of righteousness has been established on earth.

The darkness of error is dispelled by the light of truth. We can see our path and take firm and definite steps. Our Lord Buddha has revealed the truth.

Truth heals our ailments and saves us from destruction; Truth makes us strong in life and death; Only truth can conquer the evils of error. Enjoy the Good News!

When the blessed one heard what had happened, he went to Kassapa, and broke the bowl to pieces, and forbade his disciples to perform any miracles.

Soon after this it happened that during a famine of one of Varsha Sagar’s sons many monks were living in the Vajji region.

And a monk proposed to his brothers that they praise each other the householders of the village and say: “This monk is a saint; he has seen divine visions;

And that bhikkhu has extraordinary natural gifts; he can do miracles

And the villagers said: CC lt is very fortunate for us, that such a saint is spending the rainy season with us and he donated willingly and abundantly, and the monks prospered and did not suffer from famine.

When the Lord heard this, he asked Ananda to call the monks together, and he asked them: “Tell me, O monks, when does a monk cease to be a monk?”

And Sariputta replied: CC An appointed disciple should not do any impure act.

A disciple who does unholy work does not remain a disciple of Shakyamuni.

Then, an initiated disciple should not take anything other than what is given.

The disciple who takes, even if it is as little as a penny, is no longer a disciple of Sakyamuni.

And finally, an appointed disciple should not willfully and maliciously deprive the life of any harmless creature, not even an earthworm or an ant.

A disciple who knowingly and maliciously deprives a harmless creature of its life is not a disciple of Sakyamuni.

These are the three great prohibitions and the blessed one has addressed

The monks said: There is another great commandment which I tell you: an initiated disciple should not boast of any supernatural perfection.

There was a poet who had attained the unblemished vision of Truth, and he believed in the Buddha, whose teachings gave him peace of mind and comfort in times of sorrow.

It happened that a pestilence broke out in the country where he lived, and many people died, and the people were afraid.

Some of them trembled with fear, and suffered all the horrors of death before dying in anticipation of their fate, while others began to exult, shouting loudly,

cf. Let us rejoice today, for we do not know whether we shall be alive tomorrow”; yet his laughter was no real joy, but only a pretense and effect.

Amidst all these worldly men and women trembling with anxiety, the Buddhist poet remained, as ever, calm and undisturbed in times of pestilence, helping and ministering to the sick wherever possible, providing medicine and religious consolation to their Used to calm the pain.

And a man came to him and said:

“My heart is troubled and agitated because I see people dying.

I’m not worried about others, but I tremble with myself. help me; Heal me of my fears.”

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