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Britain The Key To World History Book PDF Free Download

Britain The Key To World History Book PDF Free Download

Britain The Key To World History

“A land called Crete, in the midst of the secure-dark aca, a far land, and rah, and there are men innumerable and nosey estates.”

I. The Shetland Isles And Prehistoric Crete Those Who have studied the account of the fate of the island of Atlantis, as recounted by Plato.

May have been struck by the fact that whilst its heart or center of administration and commerce is depicted as adjoining Mount Atlas, the words “Atlas,”

“Atlantic” and “Atlantis” possess no derivation from any known language of the old world either ancient or modern. Yet, among the so-called “native races of America, it is a living word.

The Abbé Brasseur de Bourbourg, a learned Americanist in his day, nearly a century ago, showed in his translation of the Cedex Chimaloopoca, of the Aztecs of Mexico.

That the word ATL signified water and by extension the sea or ocean.

This Codex describes the period of “Nabui-ad” or “four-water,” when it states that “all mankind was lost or drowned and found themselves turned into fishes.

In a single day, all was lost.” It appears to relate definitely to the Flood of Noah, for the text describes further how “Nata” and his spouse “Nena” built an ark, took refuge in it, and were saved to re-people the earth.

It agrees also with the Tisarus of Plato, which says, “In one day and one fatal night there came mighty earthquakes and inundations that engulfed that warlike people”–the Atlantians.

The association of Mount Atlas with water accords with classic allusions to this famed, and so many fabulous, mountains.

Which was placed by Herodotus and others in the vicinity of Lake Triton, so-named after the merman son of the god Poseidon.

Plato himself describes Adas as “a mountain not very high on any side,” situated on the island of Atlantis. Herodotus.

Whose knowledge of physical geography was mainly confined to the Mediterranean, says it was taper and round and of immense height, thus contradicting Plato, and perhaps identifying it with the Peak of Teneriffe.

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Britain The Key To World History Book PDF Free Download

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