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BEVAE 181 Question Paper PDF Free Download

BEVAE 181 Question Paper

BEVAE-181 Environmental Studies Previous Year Question Papers

IGNOU Previous Year Question Paper

Title NameBEVAE-181 Previous Question Papers
Service TypePrevious Question Papers (Soft copy/PDF)
Short NameBEVAE-181
Paper CodeBEVAE181
ProductPaper of BEVAE-181 (IGNOU)
  1. World Commission on Environment and Development was chaired by :
    (1) Herman Daly (2) Gro Harlem Brundtland
    (3) Maurice Strong (4) Pierre Trudeau
  2. Which one of the following is a decomposer?
    (1) Hawk (2) Tadpole
    (3) Earthworm (4) Fungi
  3. Which one of the following is not one of the priority areas for achieving
    sustainable development goals?
    (1) Protection of forests and other habitats
    (2) Reduce poverty, inequality, and third-world debt
    (3) Zero pollution
    (4) Reduced waste generation
  4. The main sulphur reservoir in the sulphur cycle is present in the :
    (1) soil (2) volcanic eruption
    (3) hydrogen sulphide (4) water
  5. Level IV of the trophic level could be occupied by :
    (1) rabbit (2) grass
    (3) grasshopper (4) tiger
  6. In the biosphere, the mainland component is known as :
    (1) lithosphere (2) hydrosphere
    (3) ecosphere (4) stratosphere

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BEVAE 181 Question Paper PDF Free Download

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