Bcci Level 1 Umpire Exam Paper PDF

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BCCI Umpire Exam Questions and Answers PDF Free Download

Bcci Level 1 Umpire Exam Paper

Bcci Level 1 Umpire Exam Paper PDF

Match day.

Reaching the ground:

  1. Land Preparation:
    • Arrive early to help prepare the ground.
    • Set boundaries and ensure the correct placement of the stump.
    • Check for debris and potential hazards on the field.
  2. Security Concerns:
    • Be alert about residue from drug use, especially syringes, that may be present on the playground.
      -Prioritize safety by handling equipment carefully.
  3. Communication:
    • Identify the co-umpire and discuss relevant laws and playing conditions.
    • Promote a friendly atmosphere while acknowledging the competitive nature of the match.


  1. Monitor the toss:
    • Bring the team captains together and introduce them.
    • Ensure clarity on batting or bowling after the toss.

What to wear:

  1. Professional Appearance:
    • Always appear clean and neat to maintain the integrity of the game.
    • Wear the supplied umpire’s shirt as a badge of authority.
    • Don’t forget to wear a hat and model sun-conscious behaviour.

What to take:

  1. Friendly attitude:
    • Maintain a friendly and casual demeanor when interacting with players.
    • Use an encouraging tone to communicate with everyone.
  2. Umpire Equipment:
    • Have a counter which can also count the overs.
    • Bring a notebook and pencil to record the overs bowled by each child.

Getting ready to play:

  1. Pre-Game Check:
    • Make sure both teams are ready a few minutes before the game starts.
    • Make a final check of the stumps and field.
    • Confirm the number of players fielding and record the first bowler.
  2. Bowling related information:
    • Determine whether the bowler is right or left handed and whether they are bowling over or around the wicket.
    • Tell this information to the batsman.

Giving your guard to the striker:

  1. Helping young batsmen:
    • Help young players to stand in proper position to receive deliveries.
  2. Guard Explanation:
    • Older players may request a specific guard (“middle stump” or “center stump”).
    • Explain and assist the guard’s position depending on the batsman’s choice.

Call to Play:

  1. Start of game:
    • Make sure everyone is ready including the batsman, fielder and fellow umpire.
    • Confirm readiness and establish communication with scorers.
    • Position yourself correctly at the bowler’s end or square leg.
    • Call “Play” to start the game.
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BCCI Umpire Exam Questions and Answers PDF Free Download

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