Basic Engineering Mathematics 5th Edition PDF

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Basic Engineering Mathematics 5th Edition

  • 1. Basic arithmetic

1.1 Arithmetic operations

1.2 Highest common factors and lowest common multiples

1.3 Order of Precedence and Brackets

  1. Fractions, decimals, and percentages

2.1 Fractions

2.2 Ratio and proportion

2.3 Decimals

2.4 Percentages Assignment I

  • 3. Indices, standard form, and engineering notation

3.1 Indices

3.2 Worked problems on indices

3.3 Further worked problems on indices

3.4 Standard form

3.5 Worked problems on a standard form

3.6 Further worked problems on a standard form

3.7 Engineering Notation and common prefixes

  1. Calculations and evaluation of formulae

4.1 Errors and approximations

4.2 Use of calculator

43 Conversion tables and charts

4.4 Evaluation of Formulas

Assignment 2

  1. Computer numbering systems

5.1 Binary numbers

5.2 Conversion of binary to denary

5.3 Conversion of denary to binary

5.4 Conversion of denary to binary via octal

5.5 Hexadecimal numbers

  1. Algebra

6.1 Basic operations

6.2 Laws of Indices 63 Brackets and Factorization

7. Powers, roots, and laws of indices

  • Introduction
  • Powers and roots
  • Laws of indies

8. Units, prefixes, and engineering notation 

  • Introduction
  • SI units
  • Common prefixes
  • Standard form
  • Engineering notation

9. Basic algebra 

  • Introduction
  • Basic operations
  • Laws of indices

10. Further algebra 

  • Introduction
  • Brackets
  • Factorization
  • Laws of precedence

11. Solving simple equations

  • Introduction
  • Solving equations
  • Practical problems involving simple equations
  • Transposing formulae
  • Introduction
  • Transposing formulae
  • Further transposing of formulae
  • More difficult transposing of formulae

13. Solving simultaneous equations 

  • Introduction
  • Solving simultaneous equations in two unknowns
  • Further solving of simultaneous equations
  • Solving more difficult simultaneous equations
  • Practical problems involving simultaneous equations
  • Solving simultaneous equations in three unknowns

14. Solving quadratic equations 

  • Introduction
  • A solution of quadratic equations by factorization
  • The solution of quadratic equations by ‘completing the square’
  • A solution of quadratic equations by formula
  • Practical problems involving quadratic equations
  • A solution of linear and quadratic equations simultaneously

15. Logarithms

  • Introduction to logarithms
  • Laws of logarithms
  • Indicial equations
  • Graphs of logarithmic functions

16. Exponential functions 

  • Introduction to exponential functions
  • The power series for e
  • Graphs of exponential functions
  • Napierian logarithms
  • Laws of growth and decay

17. Straight-line graphs

  • Introduction to graphs
  • Axes, scales, and co-ordinates
  • Straight-line graphs
  • Gradients, intercepts, and equations of graphs
  • Practical problems involving straight-line graphs

18. Graphs reducing non-linear laws to linear form

  • Introduction
  • Determination of law
  • Revision of laws of logarithms
  • Determination of law involving logarithms

19. Graphical solution of equations 

  • Simultaneous equations
  • Quadratic equations
  • Linear and quadratic equations simultaneously
  • Cubic equations

20. Angles and triangles

  • Introduction
  • Angular measurement
  • Triangles
  • Congruent triangles
  • Similar triangles
  • Construction of triangles

21. Introduction to trigonometry 

  • Introduction
  • The theorem of Pythagoras
  • Sines, cosines, and tangents
  • Evaluating trigonometric ratios of acute angles
  • Solving right-angled triangles
  • Angles of elevation and depression

22 Trigonometric waveforms

  • Graphs of trigonometric functions
  • Angles of any magnitude
  • The production of sine and cosine waves
  • The terminology involved with sine and cosine waves
  • Sinusoidal form: Asin(ωt ±α)

23. Non-right-angled triangles and some practical applications

  • The sine and cosine rules
  • Area of any triangle
  • Worked problems on the solution of triangles and their areas
  • Further worked problems on the solution of triangles and their areas
  • Practical situations involving trigonometry
  • Further practical situations involving trigonometry

24. Cartesian and polar coordinates

  • Introduction
  • Changing from Cartesian to polar coordinates
  • Changing from polar to Cartesian coordinates
  • Use of Pol/Rec functions on calculators
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No. of Pages377
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Basic Engineering Mathematics 5th Edition PDF Free Download

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