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Points to Remember

  •  Writing skill expectations change as a student moves from school to college.·  
  • Academic writing skill is needed for success in higher education.·  
  • Only through constant and deliberate practice one can master academic writing.·  
  • Academic writers are not expected to make subjective judgments, categorical remarks and· use information from unreliable sources.  
  • Writing tasks assigned to students at college/university is referred to as academic writing.·  
  • Academic writing is formal and follows a well defined pattern.·  
  • Non academic writing is informal and without any predictable pattern.·
  •  Students, teachers and researchers who engage in academic writing at college or university· are called ‘scholars’ or ‘academicians’.  
  • Papers sent for publication in a scholarly journal undergo peer reviewing and evaluation.·
  •  Academicians are expected to adhere to certain basic ethics, and they have to conduct· themselves in a responsible manner.

Answer the following questions

1. Differentiate between the skills expectation in school and college with a focus on writing. A. Skill expectations change significantly as you move from school to college.

College students are expected to write a range of written works as a part of their studies and developing written communication is essential for studies at the tertiary level.

School students often write in informal, simple, and nontechnical language. There is a chance for creative writing (the writer’s personal feelings and self-expression).

Writing skills expected at the college level mainly involve the ability to write clearly and logically following certain techniques, conventions, and styles.

2. What are the prerequisites for learning academic writing?

A. Academic writing is to be understood as a higher order of writing skill. It is apparent that to learn academic writing one should possess basic skills to use writing for communication.

The following are the prerequisites for learning academic writing.

1. Start freewriting: Write continuously without worrying about correctness, grammar mistakes, or logical order. You need to encourage yourself to write something.

2. Keep a journal: Make it a habit to write something in a notebook specifically meant for the purpose. Keeping a personal journal can be used as a practice for developing academic writing as well.

3. Reading and writing: Reading is an important prerequisite for aspiring writers. If you take into account others’ opinions and findings it will help you to improve your writing skill.

4. Think critically: It is a process of inspecting something closely and reflecting on it. Writing and thinking are complementing each other; that is, thinking will refine your writings and writing will strengthen your thoughts.

5. Develop research skills: Developing research skills will help you to find out and make use of the sources of information.

6. Learn the language of your discipline: To write on your discipline you need to get a systematic initiation into the fundamentals of your discipline.

The fundamentals include the keywords and phrases frequently used in that discipline.

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A Practical Guide To Academic Writing For International Students

Context In This Book PDF

1 – Basics of writing
2 – Organising paragraphs
3 – Introductions and conclusions
4 – Academic scientific style
5 – Case studies
6 – Writing longer papers
7 – Reports and executive summaries
8 – Issues in thesis and dissertation writing in English as a second language

Features of academic writing

Although there is no fixed standard of academic writing, and style may vary from subject to subject, academic writing is clearly different from the written style of newspapers or novels.

For example, it is generally agreed that academic writing attempts to be accurate, so that instead of? the metal was very hot?it is better to write? the metal was heated to 65°C?.

What are some of the features of academic writing? Working alone or in a group, list your ideas here.

Academic Writing PDF Free Download

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