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A Bird on The Wing

Osho emphasizes the importance of establishing yourself in your being before aspiring to higher levels of consciousness.

In his teachings, he covers a wide range of topics, from mundane aspects of life such as food and jealousy to more profound topics such as enlightenment and the need for spiritual guidance.

He encourages readers to understand the interconnectedness of all things and go beyond dualistic thinking. Osho advocates embracing the totality of existence, without creating division or opposition.

He discourages the mentality of being against anything while emphasizing the unity between the material world and the divine.

For newcomers to Zen and spiritual seekers, Osho’s teachings provide insight and guidance on how to deal with life’s challenges while cultivating inner peace and awareness.

He invites readers to ground themselves in the present moment and expand their consciousness beyond traditional boundaries, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

In this passage, Osho talks about the need to break the cup completely, symbolically representing the ego or sense of self.

He emphasizes that even if someone considers themselves empty, they are still full because their sense of identity remains intact.

According to Osho, true emptiness means the absence of self, allowing the flow of existence and the divine to enter into one’s existence.

Osho criticized the mentality of a philosophy professor visiting Nan-in, suggesting that philosophy, with its emphasis on intellect, logic, and reasoning, could act as a barrier to experiencing truth.

He argues that love, not reason, is the key to understanding existence because love introduces one to the vastness of the universe without the constraints of ideas and concepts.

Furthermore, Osho warns against the burden of thoughts and opinions, which he compares to dust on a mirror that obscures one’s intelligence.

He suggests that being too stubborn leads to stupidity and dullness of mind, which prevents one from truly experiencing the richness and depth of life.

Overall, Osho encourages readers to abandon the ego, transcend the limitations of the mind, and approach life with a sense of openness, love, and wonder.

He invites individuals to break free from the limitations of their own beliefs and thoughts in order to experience the infinite beauty and truth of existence.

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A Bird on The Wing by Osho PDF Free Download

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