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Undertale Art


Kenju Look at those arrows. Imagine if there was a huge arrow puzzle-like in Team Rocket’s Base from Pokemon.

OK, now, stop imagining that forever.“Lots of fancy stuff here! Floor patterns, wall decorations, glass tiles, whatever that pyramid thing is…

is that a headphone jack? The blue circuit-like floor patterns were added at Toby’s suggestion, and I think they really add nicely to the place! The glowing pits were an interesting element to the design of this place too, I quite liked the idea.

But if I had to pick, I think my favorite bit from this tileset is the little CYMK tubes I made.” -Kenju

walltest_anim Toby Fox

Originally the walls in the True Lab were going to laugh at you in the middle of the long hallway. That’s why that hallway is so unnecessarily long.

However, I decided it would have been too scary for some… and too cheesy for most. I’m actually pretty proud of how the True Lab turned out.

I did every single graphical asset in it myself. So it’s purely me, there… Flowey appeared in my head fully formed. He didn’t really change throughout development.

above flowery card.png Chelsea Saunders I’ve always loved Chelsea’s 3D assets.

This art takes inspiration from Pokemon Cards – specifically, the ones illustrated by Keiji Kinebuchi.

Chelsea’s comment: “It was so cool to get to do this!! Undertale is such a special game and Toby is a special guy (hey Toby what’s up), really glad to have got to make the Flowey card too.

Pretty cool how he still manages to look creepy when made outta just a few shapes huh?”

Leigh Davis

Ever since her “Nomarios” series, I’ve always wanted to see Leigh draw Toriel in her signature cute style. Luckily, the art card gave me an excuse.

Leigh’s comment: “I got to play through the Ruins before the DEMO was released. I was trying to think of criticisms along the way, but the only thing I came out with was: ‘You should put in the option to stay with Toriel forever.’

I know now that this was a silly suggestion to make, but I still think about it fondly.

She had become THAT important to me in such a short amount of time, so much that I would have said ‘no thanks’ to more games just because, to me, it felt right to stay.

I’ll never forget her, and I’m glad she’s the character I had the opportunity to draw.” We created this high-fi 3D Toriel for an extremely realistic, emotional scene.

I even hired a professional artist to create a new character design that could properly convey the depth of the scene.

Afterward, Chelsea rendered the sketch flawlessly into 3D. Sadly, the scene had to be cut because it was so good, it made the rest of the game look terrible.

So I took the opposite approach and replaced it with Onionsan. And that’s why anyone likes UNDERTALE.

Chelsea’s comment: “This is the best thing I ever made. And while I respect Toby’s decision, I’ll be filled with regret for the rest of my life.”

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