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Content In This Book

Chapter 1 The Work of W.D. Gann
Chapter 2 Elements of the Market
Chapter 3 Interpreting the Market
Chapter 4 Trading the Market.
Chapter 5 Application of Gann’s Principles
Chapter 6 Trade and Capital Management
Chapter 7 Bringing It All Together.
Chapter 8 Beyond Trading Basics
Appendix A Gann’s 28 Trading Rules

Market Prediction

As an author, I want to give you a reason to read this book that goes beyond my assurances that the material is useful.

So I want to begin by referring you to some of Gann’s greatest market predictions and how he profited from those moves.

Throughout Gann’s works, he advised his students to use all their trading and forecasting tools all the time to discover the forces at work in any given market.

Therefore, sharing his forecasting/trading successes should give you confidence that the information ahead in this book will help improve your own investing methods.

One of the most concise and publicly accessible records of Gann’s market predictions is an article written by Richard D. Wyckoff in December 1909, titled “William D. Gann: An Operator Whose Science and Ability Place Him in the Front Rank—His Remarkable Predictions and Trading Record.”

The article was published in Volume 5 (Number 2) of the Ticker and Investment Digest, a very influential stock market publication at the time.

The first part of the article directly explores Gann’s general methods of market analysis.

Later in the article, Wyckoff shares the findings of William E. Gilley, who was brought in to validate the success (or failure) of Gann’s methods.

Gilley was an Inspector of Imports in New York with 25 years of experience with the markets.

During the time that Gilley observed Gann, he watched Gann make 286 trades. Of those, 264 were winning trades, for a success rate of 92 percent!

Focus Of The Book

From all the original materials studied by many Gann experts, Gann’s work can fall into one of two categories. The first is trading methodologies.

How did Gann actually trade the market? He developed a system of rules that he applied in a consistent and disciplined manner.

That is information that I explore in this book so that you can directly apply it to your charts.
The second category of Gann’s work is forecasting methodologies.

Gann employed a multitude of forecasting methods, such as measuring angles on his handwritten charts and using natural squares.

These were among the prime tools he used to make predictions about future market action. Forecasting tools cover when to invest.

But trading methodologies cover how to invest, returning to the title of this book.

The chapters ahead contain many of Gann’s trading principles and methods, interpreted through both diagrams I’ve created and chart examples.

Toward the end of the book, I show you how Gann combined these tools, and I guide you in learning more directly from

his written works. I believe that the greatest value in what I’ve provided lies in the individual examples.

They all apply directly to any market you choose to trade, and I encourage you to follow along with the details of each example as it is presented.

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W D Gann The Trading Methodologies PDF Free Download

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