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Chapter 4: The Adventure of the Three Garridebs

It may have been a comedy, or it may have been a tragedy. It cost one man his reason, it cost me a blood-letting, and it cost yet another man the penalties of the law. Yet there was certainly an element of comedy. Well, you shall judge for yourselves.

I remember the date very well, for, it was in the same month that Holmes refused a knighthood for services which may perhaps some day be described.

I only refer to the matter in passing, for, in my position of partner and confidant I am obliged to be particularly careful to avoid any indiscretion. I repeat, however, that this enables me to fix the date, which was the latter end of June 1902, shortly after the conclusion of the South African War.

Holmes had spent several days in bed, as was his habit from time to time, but he emerged that morning with a long foolscap document in his hand and a twinkle of amusement in his austere grey eyes.

‘There is a chance for you to make some money, friend Watson,’ said he. ‘Have you ever heard the name of Garrideb?’ I admitted that I had not. ‘Well, if you can lay your hand upon a Garrideb, there’s money in it.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Ah, that’s a long story—rather a whimsical one, too.

I don’t think in all our explorations of human complexities we have ever come upon anything more singular. The fellow will be here presently for cross-examination, so I won’t open the matter up till he comes. But meanwhile, that’s the name we want.’

The telephone directory lay on the table beside me and I turned over the pages in a rather hopeless quest. But to my amazement there was this strange name in its due place. I gave a cry of triumph. Here you are Holmes! Here it is!’ Holmes took the book from my hand. ‘Garrideb, N.’ he read, ‘136, Little Ryder Street, W. Sorry to disappoint you, my dear Watson, but this is the man himself. That is the address upon his letter.

We want another to match him.’ Mrs Hudson had come in with a card upon a tray. I took it up and glanced at it. ‘Why, here it is!’ I cried in amazement. ‘This is a different initial. John Garrideb, Counsellor at Law, Moorville, Kansas, U.S.A.’ Holmes smiled as he looked at the card. ‘I am afraid you must make yet another effort, Watson,’ said he. ‘This gentleman is also in the plot already, though I certainly did not expect to see him this morning.

However, he is in a position to tell us a good deal which I want to know.’ A moment later he was in the room. Mr John Garrideb, Counsellor at Law, was a short, powerful man with the round, fresh clean-shaven face characteristic of so many American men of affairs.

 The general effect was chubby and rather childlike, so that one received the impression of quite a young man with a broad set smile upon his face. His eyes, however, were arresting. Seldom in any human head have I seen a pair which bespoke a more intense inward life, so bright were they, so alert, so responsive to every change of thought. His accent was American but was not accompanied by any eccentricity of speech.

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NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Chapter 4 The Adventure of the Three Garridebs

1. What clues did Sherlock Holmes work upon to get at the fact that the story of the three Garridebs was a ruse?


Holmes felt the twist of the story for the first time when the American Garrideb got annoyed at Nathan for involving a detective. When Sherlock found the Garrideb in English appearance he pointed out how he was an American and dressed like an English. He was a lawyer at Kansas while Holmes planned traps by pointing out things that did not exist. Dr. Lysander Starr, who Holmes said was a Mayor in 1830.

As he suspected, Garrideb fell for it and responded by saying that Dr. Starr’s name was still privileged. As suspected, Holmes was sure that Garrideb was not a lawyer in Kansas. Later Holmes was sure that John Garrideb built up Alexander Garrideb’s story, when he saw an advertisement which was published by Howard Garrideb in a local paper of Birmingham.

Watson and Holmes saw that the piece was written in American English and came to the conclusion that it was published in the local paper by Garrideb to send Nathan to Birmingham and enter his room without any problem.

2. What was John Garrideb’s objective in inventing the story of Alexander Hamilton Garrideb and his legacy?


The plan of John Garrideb was fool proof. Anyways, Holmes knew that even the trained criminals leave some clues behind. John had an idea of the note printing machine which was cloistered below the room in which Nathan Garrideb was staying.

Waldron or Rodger Presbury lived in this room previously who was the owner of the machine and was shot by James Winter or John Garrideb, alias Morecroft, alias Killer Evans. Garrideb designed the intricate plan so that no one would suspect his intentions and planned to break into Nathan’s house when he was off to Birmingham to see the third Garrideb.

3. Why didn’t John Garrideb like the idea of including Holmes in the hunt for the third Garrideb?


Holmes was a renowned detective. John Garrideb was scared if Watson and Sherlock Holmes would find out his intentions, it would destroy his plans. So, involving a detective in a case which contained a false story, except that of Garrideb, alias Killer Evans, who possessed a criminal background was not good.

4. Who was Roger Presbury and how was John Garrideb connected with him?


John Garrideb shot Roger Presbury while playing cards in a nightclub in January, 1985 on Waterloo Road. The looks of him and Waldron matched the previous tenant in the room of Nathan Garrideb, who owned the note printing machine. John Garrideb was after this printing press and had created a huge plan to get it.

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