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A Brief Overview of Personology

Personology is like astrology in that it recognizes the original twelve heavenly constellations (and the signs derived from them) that form the band called the zodiac. which encircles our earth.

However, personology goes further by concentrating on the overlapping area between two signs called the cusp.

For example, four of the twelve cusps have immense importance for life as it is lived here on earth, since the spring equinox, the summer solstice, the fall equinox, and the winter solstice mark the boundaries of the seasons themselves.

Spring, summer, fall, and winter succeed one another in an orderly rhythm, for the most part, and structure life on the planet along with the unvarying diurnal changes of day and night.

In terms of the signs, these cusps are Pisces- Aries (spring equinox), Gemini-Cancer (summer solstice), Virgo-Libra (fall equinox), and Sagittarius Capricorn (winter solstice), in the northern hemisphere In personology the names of these cusps are The Primal Cusp.

The Cusp of Magic, The Cusp of Beauty, and The Cusp of Prophecy, respectively.

In penology, those born during these and the other eight cusp periods of six to seven days will share certain characteristics, the descriptions or predictions of which are far broader than those of single Sun signs as in astrology.

In other words, there is such a thing as a distinct Cusp personality Cusp people are different from others not only because they embody a blend of the sharply contrasting traits of two adjacent signs (such as Aries and Taurus, or Gemini and Cancer) but also because their individuality is not determined by a major sign of the zodiac but frequently by something more indefinable.

They are earth-oriented, unpredictable, difficult, unconventional, perhaps. Often those born on cusps find each other extremely attractive, which may or may not bode well for their forming a permanent relationship.

Further, in those astrological periods of about a month between cusps, traditionally known as signs, we find different representations of personality based on where a week or period falls in the month.

In per-sonology, these months or signs are further divided into three weeks. For example, Libra I’s are Libras in orientation but have certain traits that are unique and that differentiate them from Libra III’s.

Looking at each of the astrological signs from a phonological point of view, we find five principal types of each sign: on either side the two cusps that demarcate it, and in its center the approximately week-long periods, three in number.

For this reason, while a sun-sign astrologer speaks about an Aries, a Scorpio, or a Capricorn, a personologist may refer to an Aries II, a Scorpio-Sagittarius, or a Capricorn III.

Instead of there being a “Virgo” personality as presented in the sun-sign astrology system, in person ology there are five types of Virgos: Leo-Virgo cusp (August 19-25. The Cusp of Exposure), Virgo I (August 26-September 2. The Week of System Builders), Virgo (September 3-10, The Week of the Enigma), Virgo II (September 11-18, The Week of the Literalist) and finally, Virgo-Libra cusp (The Cusp of Beauty, September 19-24).

Of course, since cusps are shared by two signs, this last cusp becomes the first period of the five different kinds of Libras.

In The Secret Language of Birthdays, these periods were further broken down into discrete per-personality characteristics for each day of the year.

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The Secret Language of Relationships Book PDF Free Download

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